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Car Magazine scoops details on next generation G30 5-Series

Car Magazine scoops details on next generation G30 5-Series
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G30 the BMW
Yes, we are already entering the G chassis realm, having very swiftly passed through the F series cars. The current BMW 5-Series is the F10 and the upcoming next generation 5-Series will be the G30.

According to Car Magazine's sources, BMWs next generation platform is called 35up. What it basicly means is that everything from the 3-series/5-series and up will be based on this shared super platform. Utilizing the increasing mix of elements including steel, aluminum and certainly CFRP, weight is expected to drop substantially for the next generation.

Well, previously Autocar and now Car Magazine are all reporting that the new 3-cylinder BMW engine will power the new 5. And that should be no shock or surprise, as the new modular platform of BMW engines allows for a common family of motors which will range from 3 to 6 cylinders in a variety of displacements. As usually, expect the range to go from super fuel efficent (they are quoteing a 72mpg version of the 3-cylinder engine!) to super fast.

Who cares about all this, what about the ///M5
Rumors right now are holding steady right now, which is to say the car will be packing ~ 600HP Twin Turbo V8 and possibly 400lbs lighter then the current car

What model variants can we expect
It does without saying the car will be at its core a 4-door sedan, a wagon, and the famed M5 will certainly be making a return as well. Expect to also see a second generation 5-Series Gran Turismo car, which might end up being one of the more interesting cars to watch for, if just to see how this car evolves into a second generation.

The car is slated to arrive in the Summer of 2016.

Source: Car Magazine