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  1. The sound of the "competition"
  2. M3 Killer?? Lexus 2008 IS-F and LF-A
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  9. 2008 RS4 = 450 hp
  10. is the new lexus is-f matching up to the m3?
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  13. Winding Road - IS-F & C63
  14. Is the S5 a threat to the new M3?
  15. GT-R MASSIVELY under-rated
  16. Besides the e92 M3, what other cars would you consider below $70k?
  17. Another possible threat to the e90 M3, the upcoming 500hp + CTS-V:
  18. RS4 12.883 1/4 mile m3 13.2??
  19. Top Gear totally smitten with Nissan GT-R:
  20. Car and Driver Full Test: 2008 Lexus IS F
  21. If you could afford an E92 and a Porsche 911S, which would you pick?
  22. 911 GT3 or GTs RS?
  23. M3 faster than a C6?
  24. MINE'S GT-R exhaust makes 501 hp at the flywheel:
  25. Official IS-F base price at $56,000:
  26. The S5 makes a great sound
  27. Cadillac CTS Coupe Concept
  28. IS-F tranny shifts in 0.1 secs:
  29. Drove the Lexus IS-F at Moroso
  30. Why does a drag race...
  31. M3+DCT vs M6+SMG
  32. M3 -vs- Caddy CTS-V?
  33. Audi RS6 Avant
  34. Top Gear Lexus IS-F review:
  35. e92 m3 vs e60 m5 ??
  36. MB following firmly in BMW's footsteps
  37. Another review: M3 E90 vs C63 030 PP
  38. AMG Challenge
  39. Another M3 or GTR thread
  40. 335 vs M3 Quarter Mile, we all agree?
  41. Mercedes to debut new MCT transmission (similar to M-DCT)
  42. Finally - a White GT3 on the road!
  43. Top Gear's GT3 vs R8
  44. Another RS5 Rendering and engine speculations, along w/ TTRS:
  45. Just in 2009 Pontiac G8 GXP ls3 430hp..
  46. M3 vs 335 Steering
  47. Cayman S VS M3 Sedan
  48. 1/4 mile m3 vs bus
  49. m3 vs. cayman S
  50. M3 w/ DCT vs. Carerra S
  51. Procede with the M3
  52. Would most people drive a 911 if they could afford it?
  53. M3 or Corvette Z06
  54. What's the big deal (M3, GTR)
  55. C63 from $53,800
  56. Motor Trend - C63 AMG First Test!!
  57. Best balanced car C6, GTR, M3, C63, RS4, Cayman S?
  58. 2009 Maserati GranTurismo S
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  65. New Gallardo at Geneva!!!
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  71. M3 vs. IS-F Vmax Redline Video
  72. Nissan GT-R might not be as under-rated as we all had suspected:
  73. Personal COMPARISON of the 2008 M3 to the 2008 335i
  74. CCXR!!! who's with me.
  75. M3 v. 2005 R6
  76. Motor Trend :2008 BMW M3 vs. 2008 Lexus IS F vs. 2008 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG
  77. Drop your M3 Dog and Pick Up This Sick Cat
  78. Pitted C63 AMG against my E92 M3 (Pics and all)
  79. help me decide M3 v GTR
  80. C63 runs 12.5 quarter mile @ 113.5 mph.
  81. Nissan GTR might not be as good as you think it is.
  82. GTR beats 911TT and Z06: from Road&Track
  83. Edmunds test 2008 BMW M3 Coupe vs. 2008 Audi S5 Coupe:
  84. Car and Driver's GTR test: 0-60 3.3 and 11.5 1/4 mile
  85. X5 or M3?
  86. Would would owned who? e90/2 M3 or IS-F
  87. 2008 Lambo Dusted
  88. Has anyone raced an RS4?
  89. SportAuto results RS6 vs M5
  90. Motor Trend claims Nissan GT-R making at least 507 HP:
  91. M3 vs. 335 (just a normal guy)
  92. Audi S5 DSG:
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  94. 335tti vs M3
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  98. 335 vs M3
  99. Sweeet music from an S5:
  100. 5/08 C&D comparison M3 vs. IS-F scans
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  102. Nissan GX-R
  103. M3 vs C6?
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  105. Nissan GT-R V-Spec
  106. Just when you think your fast......
  107. GTR - V-SPEC Is Here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  108. C63 review w/ mad drifting
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  110. EVO 10 vs. M3 sedan MT - Lap Times
  111. M3 0-60
  112. Autoexpress Super-saloon megatest: M3 vs RS4 vs C63 vs IS-F
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  114. Oddball Question, but it got me thinkin...??
  115. M3 v. C5 Z06?
  116. International engine of the year?
  117. Worthless post but: Save me from the IS-F!
  118. Used $58k fully loaded RS4 or $65K fully loaded e90 M3:
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  120. M3 vs ISF and the S5
  121. IS-F VS M3 Video
  122. Audi RS and S models
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  124. Comparison
  125. Money issues aside, E92 M3, GTR or R8?
  126. Thoughts on the Infiniti G37 S
  127. VIDEO: WebRidesTV pits IS-F against RS4
  128. Some people say the 135i is nicer(more fun) car than the M3 are they smoking dope?
  129. benefits of Quattro
  130. What's up with the 135- M3 vs 135
  131. Facelifted 911S now official
  132. "Pecuniary Canons of Taste"
  133. M1 comming, would you buy it?
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  135. don't look at this thread.. R&T sedan comparo M3 v IS-F v C63 v RS4
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  140. C63 Availability
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  148. Secrets for GT-R Record Ring Run Revealed:
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  151. Real World GTR Article
  152. AMS tests-F430Scud, BMW M3M-DKG, Audi TTS
  153. CARMagazineTV compare E90 M3 vs. C63 AMG vs. IS-F on a Track
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  168. Was having alarm installed in my E90 and...
  169. Speedvision on the IS-F.
  170. E93 Convertible - not too bad for a "Poser"
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  175. Question for anyone that drove both the M3 and C63.
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  177. Which car is more of a chick magnet?
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  179. Official List the Cars You Have Beaten Thread
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  183. Why I went from M3 to C63 to M3, then the C63 again. What about you? Why?
  184. M3 better than 911 Turbo???
  185. Evosport 600 hp CLK63 BS
  186. 2009 Porsche 997
  187. BMW M3 E92 vs. BMW 335i Vishnu V1 Video
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  193. IS-F Driveby
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  195. Two funny quotes I made up to explain the difference between M3 and C63. Agree?
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  197. Official HP/TQ Numbers out for CTS-V: 556 hp/551 tq
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  200. 2009 CTS-V
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  202. Claimed 7:50 for the 997S w/PDK
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  211. Corvette ZR1 laps the 'Ring in 7:26.4:
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  213. M3 compared to C63 AMG
  214. 2008 M3 vs 2008 Ford Shelby GT500
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  216. my 6MT vs. DCT
  217. At $73k, First U.S. Nissan GT-R delivered at 12:01 AM:
  218. Drove my friends S5 today (no regrets picking the M3)
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