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  17. this gen better than next??
  18. front and rear wheel for next 1
  19. 2012 a four banger??
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  27. new one hatchback
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  30. What should the next 1 series fix or address
  31. 1ADDICTS.COM vinyl stickers!!!!
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  33. BMW 2 series not 1?
  34. Video of New 1 series (F20) on Nurburgring
  35. Spyshots of the 2012 BMW 1-Series (F20) show off the new center console and gauges
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  40. F20 cabriolet render
  41. 2012 1-series (F20 Hatchback) Spied in Red, White, Gray
  42. new spyshots
  43. 2012 BMW 1-Series Hatch (F20) spied in Red with her hood showing!
  44. turbo 4 details for new 1 and 3 series
  45. Photo: Inside Scoop of Upcoming 1-series GT (FWD)
  46. 2012 1 Coupe vs 2013 1 coupe (E82 vs F22)
  47. 2012 BMW 1-Series Hatch (F20) Spied in Black with Premium Wheels
  48. F20 1 Series to be First BMW With Side Mirror Indicator Lights
  49. CAR: BMW Z2 (2016) and 1-series Gran Turismo (2014)
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  56. Next Gen Question: Will Coupe be available in 2013? Or hatch only?
  57. Hello
  58. from car and driver
  59. F20 1-series testing spy video shows turn signal inside angel eyes & squared AEs
  60. F20 1-series 5-door Spied in Silver and New Wheels
  61. Upcoming 2012 1-Series 5-Door (F20) spied testing on the Nurburgring (03/28/2011)
  62. Autobild leaks the BMW 1er (F20). Update: Confirmed as render based on real image.
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  64. 2013 BMW 2 has some competition
  65. New Spyvideo of the 1 Series Hatchback (F20) on the Nurburgring
  66. Official F20 internet reveal?
  67. 120xd, 135xi coming in September 2012
  68. One Origin.2 Originals. The New BMW 1er Sporthatch.
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  70. 135i Hatch possible?
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  73. ONE and TWO Series SUMMARY: -- BMW 1-series, 2-series, M2, and Z2
  74. BMW F20 1-series Continues Testing Prior to Imminent Reveal
  75. BMW 2-series (Next Gen 1-series) Coupe Render
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  81. Vert render
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  86. F20 3 door render
  87. Has your opinion changed after spending more time looking at the F20?
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  89. F20 1-series Colors List. Includes Valencia Orange, Liquid Blue, Mineral White
  90. First teaser of the 1-Series (F20) M-Sport surface. New Commercial & Short Film.
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  92. Video: Glacier Silver F20 1-series Previewed by WhatCar?
  93. This is a dumb question but will 1-series only come in hatchback form?
  94. My mod's on the new F20 Series 1 (with Photoshop)
  95. F20 on V710 wheels (photoshop)
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  97. Suggested facelift that could save the F20
  98. First Sighting of BMW 1er in Valencia Orange.
  99. BMW F20 facelift
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  102. BMW 1-Series photoshopped by forum members into 3-Door, Coupe and M-Sport
  103. New F20 1-series Video Shows Off Interior and Exterior Details
  104. BMW 1 series F20 TV Spot (MAKING OF)
  105. Base prices in Norway are set (118i and 120d)
  106. How much more are you willing to pay for a 1M
  107. New 1 at Goodwood
  108. I spotted the New 1 on Munich Streets (Pixx inside!):-)
  109. How about this?
  110. F20 1-series M-sport in various colors revealed
  111. i have an idea.
  112. Worst Engine I\'ve ever experienced.
  113. Music Video: The New F20 BMW 1 Series as Instrument, Regensburg Plant As Stage
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  115. New F20 Video and Wallpapers: Valencia Orange, Mineral Gray and Crimson Red
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  123. Heads or tails? The BMW 1er Compactive Sport Tourer and The MINI Traveller
  124. Video: F20 Wearing Black Well... very nice (finally..) video
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  126. 2014 BMW 1-series Gran Turismo Spy Photos
  127. F20 1-series BMW Performance Aero Kit and Stripes Spied
  128. My BMW M2 render
  129. When will the new gen 1 series coupe (2 series) arrive ?
  130. First Official Photos of BMW F20 1-series Performance Accessories Study
  131. New BMW 2 Series Coupe Render
  132. BMW M2 convertible and coupe render
  133. Fifth Gear Web: F20 1 Series Review
  134. F20 M-sport (black) Finally Spotted
  135. review of new turbo 4 engine in the Z4
  136. Confirmed current F20 model list
  137. Some official 1er (F20) pictures of the new Urban and Sport hatches...
  138. 2011 Frankfurt: BMW F20 1 Series Performance Study
  139. 2011 Frankfurt: F20 1 Series M Sport and F20 Debut
  140. 1 series hatch coming to the U.S.? - Roundel
  141. 2 vert and coupe arrival?
  142. My first impression...
  143. 1 series (F20) by AC Schnitzer
  144. Carbuyer 1 series F20 video review
  145. F20 tested.
  146. F20 TPM
  147. Compare: F20 design showing roots from the 60's
  148. First Ever New Bmw 1 Series Drift Video
  149. F20 video shoot
  150. F20 Tuning parts
  151. Magazine Car poll: Pretty or ugly? Results!
  152. F20 1 Series Scores Full 5 Stars in Euro NCAP Crash Test
  153. My F20 review (118i, Turbo 4, 170 hp)
  154. auto express 20 hatchbacks tested
  155. f20 1series QUICK QUESTION!
  156. BMW 1 Series GT Model On Video For First Time. Tailgate Shape Revealed.
  157. Tested a 120d looks better in dark colour
  158. New 1 series ordered
  159. Video: a Tour of the F20 Production Process
  160. F20 5door spotted in USA
  161. When will M Sport pricing be released?
  162. BMW 1 Series (F20) wins Golden Steering Wheel award
  163. which color would you choose?
  164. why 8-speed auto instead DCT ? DCT reliability issues ?
  165. Bi-Xenon conversion possible?
  166. 2 series coupe release date poll
  167. Hell Yes, the BMW N20 Engine is Tuneable Says Kelleners with 294 HP / 310 LB-FT Tune
  168. An Interview with Adrian van Hooydonk on F20 1 Series Design
  169. Report: BMW M135i with 320 HP Coming Next Summer
  170. Here we go, BMW M2 coupe photoshop
  171. Where are the speakers?
  172. AC Schnitzer Releases BMW F20 1 Series Tuning Program
  173. Video: Fifth Gear F20 Team Test Review
  174. First Drive / Look F20
  175. What specs did you order?
  176. STOLEN - New 118d Sport (Grey)
  177. 118i Great Car
  178. Bmw F20 Crimson red thread (pics)
  179. New 116i (F20) - Just took Delivery!!
  180. Newbie.. F20 116i Sport
  181. MI 4's Secret co-star.
  182. Has Anyone had Problems with the F20?
  183. F20 usb
  184. Snap in Adapter for iphone 4
  185. NEW 1 series convertible when?!
  186. Last Chance to add your Handle to the tree :)
  187. F20 won \"Car of the year 2011\" by Top Gear magazine (HK edition)
  188. F21 1 Series 3-door Hatchback Revealed in Patent Images
  189. Ordered!
  190. f20 only 1 reversing light
  191. F20 thoughts - had it a month now
  192. BMW 1 Series F20 questions
  193. 5min eye surgery with the New 1 series
  194. Do you like it as a F21?
  195. Sport and Sport modes
  196. My new F20!
  197. M2 render
  198. F20 116i Business Sportline - On order
  199. Active Differential Brake
  200. Our 1 day old Liquid Blue 118d Sport
  201. New F20 - Mineral Grau Lounge+ 120dA
  202. 118i eurotrip.
  203. Driving Profiles
  204. Is the F20 116i Auto underpowered.
  205. Finally! got my car today F20 120d
  206. Did BMW officially announce the new engines and MSport package?
  207. I-Drive included in the base price?
  208. BMW F20 - Madeira Islands
  209. Dealer discounts.....
  210. Hot BMW 135i (M135i ?) 3-door M Sport Hatchback (F21) Spotted in Testing
  211. Bmw online + internet
  212. BMW 135i (M135i ?) 3-door M Sport Hatchback (F21) Spotted
  213. bmw 1-series f20 headlights attached to the grill
  214. Do you have a miniature car?
  215. My F20 116i Sportline/Businessline
  216. 125i
  217. AV Input / Driver Comfort Package
  218. 1 series contender : the new A3
  219. How is the heat on the 120d?
  220. Cc-id 397 .. Help!!
  221. Standard or Sports Seats
  222. New F20 118i in Black
  223. New BMW ordered
  224. Which Engine?
  225. Automatic transmission, is it worth?
  226. Next BMW M Performance Model Up: M135i Spied Again, With AWD xDrive?
  227. This is my 120d
  228. Wireless Keys
  229. Price increased for 2012 118i Sport in HK
  230. Automatic mirrors?
  231. F20 M Sport Adaptive Suspension
  232. F20 1 Series Sunroof Question
  233. Opinion: 118i Urban Line Mineral Grey with 412 mags?
  234. My F20 116i
  235. Harmon Kardon vs Hi-Fi Sound System
  236. F20 118i (Sport) purchased
  237. M-sport. Black or white?
  238. 128i with N20 engine?
  239. My new 116d F20
  240. Rear LED lights
  241. F-20 + x-Drive?
  242. 116d auto has anyone test driven
  243. F20 ordered!! :-) 116d Urban Auto
  244. Chiptuning a 116i
  245. F20 - how do you fast forward music?
  246. Just ordered 120d aut M-sport
  247. 118i in Sparkling bronze is ordered
  248. iphone and F20
  249. BMW Teases M Performance Parts for F20 1 Series - Hints at M135i?
  250. F20 116i steptronic vs F20i 118i steptronic