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  1. No next generation M3 sedan (F30)???? Poll.
  2. F30 M3 - Coupe? Sedan?
  3. F32/33 M3 with AWD!?
  4. Rumor: Next Gen BMW F80 M3 F82 M4 Powered by 450hp Tri-Turbo 6-Cylinder Engine
  5. where are the pics of the f32 M3 or M4 or whatever they call it?
  6. Rumor M3 comes as sedan again and debuts as sedan in late 2012/early 2013 !!!
  7. Report: F80 M3 Is the New BMW M3 / M4 -- Sedan Comes First in 2013!
  8. To Dome or Not to Dome? That is the Question!
  9. Weight prediction - F80 M3
  10. F80 M3 / F82 M4 Spy Photos, Videos, and Facts/Rumors Compilation
  11. How many of you...
  12. F30/80 M3 Engineering
  13. No More E90 M3 Saloon Orders in UK
  14. Performance predictions - F80 M3
  15. Do you think the next m3/m4 will have most hp in class?
  16. 2013 tentative release date?
  17. Interesting find
  18. I hope they don't name the coupe M4..
  19. M3 available in Modern trim?
  20. 2013 BMW M3 F80 Questions
  21. We Interview BMWNA M Manager Matt Russell on Current/Next M3, F10 M5, and M6
  22. F30 Hybrid on the streets of LA!! SCORE!
  23. 2014 M3 Sedan
  24. F8x M3/M4 size
  25. 2013 BMW M6 (F12/F13) revealed!
  26. Next M3/M4 thoughts and questions
  27. Fuel Economy Predictions?
  28. F80 M3 sedan?
  29. F80 M3 presentation in Laguna Seca end of march???
  30. 2013 BMW F80 M3 Goes Winter Testing Wearing Less
  31. 2013/2014 Clarification of F80 M3 production
  32. F80 M3 after mods
  33. We Interview BMW M President, Dr. Nitschke, at 2012 Geneva Motorshow
  34. F80 M3 possibly different face?
  35. No spy pic/video??
  36. Insideline 2014 M3 renders and speculations
  37. Coupe vs. Sedan?
  38. F80 Unofficial launch colors- exterior/interior speculation
  39. Could it be possible that there are only two F8x coming?
  40. M3 Sedan Owners
  41. NYIAS Interview: We Talk F80 M3, M5, M6 with M Brand Manager and Marketing Director
  42. F80 M3 test mule running around in Marin County, CA
  43. If the new M3/M4 only has 450hp I think...
  44. Something worth waiting for... Mmm
  45. M3 Powerhouse?
  46. Thanks BMW
  47. need advice
  48. BMW renames M3 M4 only for the innocent
  49. When does the F80 come out??? July 2012?
  50. When's the new F80 M3 sedan release date?
  51. All the cool stuff I hope for and a few concerns
  52. When, oh when for the F80 M3?
  53. 2013 bmw m3 with out minimal camo enjoy! (edit: F30 M Sport)
  54. Anyone else seriously worried about the F80 M3 styling?
  55. BMW F80 M3 / F82 M4 Under Mysterious Tarp? Engine Rumored to be Reworked N55
  56. iF80 M3
  57. New Clues Point to BMW F82 M4 Coupe or M6 Gran Coupe as BMW Museum Mystery Car
  58. Active sound: do you care?
  59. F8X to remain M3
  60. F30? F32? F82?
  61. M4 pictures
  62. BMW F80 M3 Hood Bulge Likely a Functional Heat Extractor Vent?
  63. 2014 M3 (F80) Strips in Death Valley Heat
  64. The F80/F82 M will have a 7k red line (interior shot and new spy photos)
  65. F80 M3 rumor - no Manual?
  66. M3 vs M4 Expected Performance and Weight?
  67. Recent Interview with Dr.Nitschke CEO M-GmbH
  68. Walked around the new M3 sedan earlier this week
  69. m4 info needed
  70. Latest BMW M4 (F82) and 4 Series (F32) Lineup Speculations and Recap
  71. 2014 BMW M3 / M4 to Gain About 100lb-ft More Torque While Targeting E46 M3 Weight
  72. to wait or not to wait..
  73. Let me bring some real insider news. F80/F82 M3/M4, N55Tu, N58, engine/pic & news
  74. What colors do you want BMW to offer for the F80 M3?!!
  75. 2014 M3 f80
  76. Where are the silverstone II F80 M3s ?
  77. BMW F80 M3 to Run on E85 Ethanol, or So Thinks Its Test Driver. Doh!
  78. F80 M3 or wait for F82 M4
  79. Car and Driver reports BMW M4 coupe name confirmed
  80. F80 M3 and F82 M4 chassis codes
  81. New M3?
  82. 6MT F10 M5 turbo lag + auto rev match
  83. Performance f80 vs f82?
  84. No power increase on F80 M3?
  85. Hi All
  86. F80M3 Concept-Car in Geneva 2013?
  87. Car Magazine claims F80 M3 photoshop as real deal
  88. Bimmerpost Render on TOP GEAR UK SITE!
  89. M4? Apparently already getting recognition by music
  90. 415hp S55 Powered F80 M3 / F82 M4 Revealed via BMW VIN?!
  91. Made front page of MotorSport Magazine in France!!!
  92. Head of AMG chassis engineering joins BMW M
  93. F80M3/F82M4 perhaps still with 3.2ltr.V6 BiTurbo
  94. What the F81 M3 Touring Might Look Like... If It Was Coming
  95. BMW M Boss Talks AWD vs RWD, Manaul Transmission and Turbocharging for the Future
  96. Will the m3 have a sliding armrest
  97. My hope for the S55 comes from....Porsche?
  98. e46 to e92 was a big jump
  99. F80 ghost?
  100. Our Latest BMW M4 Coupe (F82) Renders [Front and Rear]
  101. Thought about the new F80M3/F82M4 engine!?
  102. F80M3 timetable !?!?
  103. M4 Under 3,300 lbs for real?
  104. Saw uncovered F80 M3 at BMW Welt
  105. F80 M3 Spotted
  106. BMW M CEO Nitschke discusses electric steering for M3/M4, AWD for M, etc.
  107. Any chance m3 sedan will have cf roof as standard or option?
  108. Pondering the new M3 and M4 -- will they both come to the US?
  109. Presentation F80M3 next weekend ?
  110. Hmmmm, lighter new F80 M3?
  111. When does the 4 series come out?
  112. AutoExpress F80 M3 Article
  113. F80 M3 / F82 M4 Color Options? Pure Metal Silver?
  114. Latest Rumors from Autobild
  115. M4 naming
  116. Will the F80 come with flared fenders?
  117. Who is waiting for the M4?
  118. F80 M3 LCI Speculation
  119. F8X M3/M4 Competition Package?
  120. BMW tells Top Gear about upcoming M4
  121. BMW to make an M4 CSL?
  122. M4 Convertible Release Date?
  123. BMW F80 M3 / F82 M4 to Debut at Detroit + Lightweight Details (via M CEO Interview)
  124. BMW M4 Coupe Concept to debut at Pebble Beach Concours in August!
  125. Current E92 M3 Coupe owners with sunroof
  126. F80 M3 VIN Indicates New BMW M Color Yas Marina Blue?
  127. DCT vs. ZF8?
  128. FYI and FWIW: 2015 M3 - According to R&T
  129. BMW i8 vs M4
  130. A bit worried that the M4 won't come with a manual
  131. BMW M3/M4 First Official Video Teaser!
  132. Thoughts on interior options for the F8x M...
  133. Check in tomorrow night...
  134. World Premiere: BMW M4 Coupe Concept
  135. World Debut: BMW M4 Coupe Concept
  136. Image of the M3!!!
  137. ..::PSI::.. M3/M4 Rendering with Mods
  138. Discussion on the Official M4 Live stream Presentation - Aug 20th 8 p.m. PST
  139. How many M4 owners will re-badge to M3?
  140. M4 specs predictions/speculation from AutoBild
  141. Pebble Beach??? Where?
  142. F80 M3 ad render
  143. may get some hate, but...
  144. Green and yellow M4 color options (standard) to be available
  145. Edmunds Insideline erroneously claiming M4 will have AWD
  146. Here's the New M4
  147. M4 on HRE's, volks, works, bbs (render)
  148. BMW M4 DTM Car to Debut in 2014 DTM Series
  149. Did you see the car live? Post here!
  150. Consensus (guesses) for when M4 specs are released?
  151. Where are the f80 renders?
  152. BMW M4 Concept Live Stream Re-Reveal from BMW CCA Oktoberfest - August 20 at 8PM PT
  153. Dear BMW M Group, some thoughts from a wanker on the new M3
  154. BIMMERPOST Pebble Beach Recap: BMW M4 Concept Highlights, Reactions and Notes
  155. Side vents
  156. BMW M4 and M3 Street Sounds and Our Rebuttal of the No Manual Transmission Rumor
  157. F8x new tech options compared to previous generations
  158. Rumor: No 3 pedals manual transmission option in the M4?
  159. M3/M4 Pre Order Poll
  160. M4 Buyers - Sticking with White?
  161. F80 spy shot from Woodland Hills California
  162. BMW M4 Convertible Prototype Completes the Trifecta
  163. M4 photos (UK)
  164. F80 M3 or M4 Gran Coupe?
  165. What is your no. 1 wanted technical spec/data?
  166. Why BMW not release M3/M4 Specs at Pebble Beach
  167. Predictions as to How Much Technical Data Late September
  168. Appointment Set to Drive M4
  169. Uncamouflaged AW M4 in San Francisco -- No picture unfortunately
  170. AUTOMOBILE preview of the M4
  171. Interior quality?
  172. What's the Prize for first photo of the M3/4 dash/ with Redline!!
  173. M3 Sedan softer than M4 Coupe?
  174. No Manual Transmission for M4 says Autoblog
  175. Latest Automobile Article
  176. M3/M4 technical specs questions?
  177. San Marino Blue on F8x M3/M4?
  178. Alpina B3/B4 Biturbo vs. M3/M4
  179. F80 M3 spotted in (sakhir?) orange
  180. Official BMW M3 M4 Specs: 430HP, 369+ LB-FT, Under 3306 Pounds, Bi-Turbo Inline 6 Cyl
  181. Motor Trend/Car and Driver first rides
  182. BIMMERPOST M3/M4 First Ride Notes, Impressions and More Tech Details
  183. The "under 3,300 lbs" is curb weight, no?
  184. Updated M4 Performance Simulations
  185. F80/F82 Weight by standard.
  186. The Best
  187. M4 "revving"
  188. BMWs weight figure almost certainly includes the pricey/optional CSiC brakes
  189. F80 in Mineral White?
  190. BMW M3 M4 RPM Redline Visual, Finally
  191. Thanks to Bimmerpost
  192. Spotted F80 M3, 235, and Possibly X5 M
  193. M4 limited production to 6000 cars
  194. Spied colors.
  195. stock M3/M4 quarter mile prediction
  196. New or Same M-DCT for F8x M3/M4?
  197. 2016 M4 Lightweight Model Rumored for BMW's 100th Birthday
  198. Buy first year M4?
  199. M3/M4 Tech Day Ride along review??
  200. F80 M3 sedan at Tokyo Motor Show next month?
  201. M235i / 2 Series Coupe Specs Revealed!
  202. LED Headlights
  203. Will the ///M4 Coupe Concept be at the LA Auto show in November?
  204. BMW Car Mag Nov
  205. Will the 2014 M3 be a one year model like the 2008 e90 M3???
  206. New vid from BMW M - Race driver supports development of new M3 - M4
  207. MotorTrend comments ruin M4
  208. Jerez/Carbon?
  209. When will car mags get to review M3/4
  210. Why not compete
  211. Nürburgring times for the M3/M4?
  212. F80 Stick or DCT? We ordered a stick...
  213. San Marino Blue on F8x M3/M4?
  214. Green?
  215. Fire Orange M4 Possibility?
  216. 2015 Bmw M3 (f80) - Live Footage!
  217. View Poll Results: M3 Favorite Exterior Colour
  218. Sirius on new M3?
  219. M4/M3 Wallpapers?
  220. What is the most profitable BMW M model?
  221. M4 in San Marino Blue Individual?
  222. New F80 M3 spotted on PCH (camo wrapped)
  223. Roof Racks with CF roof?
  224. Has the M4 vert lost weight?
  225. M3 Driving Modes
  226. Anybody seen this?
  227. M3/M4 in snow?
  228. Have you made up your mind on color yet?
  229. BMW M4 - Sport Auto test ride and interview with Albert Biermann
  230. Detroit reveal details?
  231. BMW M4: Top Car (South Africa) Article
  232. M3 M4 first press drive reviews not until June 2014
  233. Possibly Yas Marina Blue???
  234. 2014 Detroit Auto Show
  235. Interview w/ M chief engineer Biermann hints at M3/M4 0-60 in 4.3 seconds and 26 MPG
  236. 6MT or DCT?
  237. M4 Coupe or M4 Convertible
  238. Photoshop for different colors?
  239. Ventilated seats?
  240. Anyone with suspension or engine mods on leased car?
  241. Porsche Agate Grey Metallic on M4? How is it?
  242. Will this be a similar type of review of the new m4?
  243. 3 series vs 4 series roof?
  244. Photos
  245. M3-M4 Article in CAR Spain December 2014
  246. Any New Information
  247. M4: What color would you order?
  248. US Curb and EU Kerb weights, an attempt at clarifying the differences.
  249. things you think BMW could have added to the m4
  250. Estimated weight of your new M3/M4