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  30. gtr 2014 or m5 2013
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  71. Dark Side...Light Side..Heck, I don't know anymore...
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  73. Next car? Jaguar F Type coupe!
  74. I don't understand all the hub-bub
  75. APR already tuning the RS7: 123hp/179tq on 93 Octane
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  77. *** WARNING *** NON M5 content inside
  78. Dark TT side
  79. Looks like Ferrari is now jumping on the Forced Induction bandwagon
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  83. Just pulled the trigger on the M5 LCI and OMG Boy WOW Goodness ! A beast in a suit!!
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  91. Well, test drove the 2013 Panamera GTS
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  96. ->input pls F80 M3 or C63 Blck series ??
  97. BMW had better step up. The RS7 is here.
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  108. Aventador
  109. What STOCK car do you have/had to can pull harder than the F10 M5 on a roll run?
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  118. panamera gts
  119. last one for today Panamera Turbo
  120. BMW is quoting M4 at 3.9 (vs 4.2 for M5), is there a chance it's faster?
  121. M4GC will be very nice
  122. 250k+ Bentley Continental and Aston Martin Vanquish Playing Catch Up Games with M5 ;)
  123. R8 V8 and Porsche 911 yet still slower (A lot slower) than M5!!
  124. Now M5 makers need roll up their sleeves for a lot of work to get there -; )
  125. Volvo supercar coming?
  126. Koenigsegg says Tesla better than M5
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  132. McLaren 650S
  133. 2014 p gt3
  134. GT3 RS
  135. My dream car
  136. Some brave soul allowed his GT3 to be on display at the Dallas car show.
  137. Good-bye M3, M5's a keeper
  138. Not M5 versus, more like M5 + ?
  139. So today I go to the local Shell and there was light rain that just started...
  140. McLaren P1 Pics
  141. *U LOST*
  142. Farewell M3
  143. Abt RS6 R - 730hp!!!
  144. TopGear S21E03
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  150. Looks like Super-Godzilla is in the works!
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  153. Last Winter Blast
  154. Next Gen Competition
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  156. Anyone here driven the E63 AMG S-Model?
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  158. Compelling ad for AM pre-owned
  159. Anybody thinking about getting an i8??
  160. I Got My Boost Back
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  162. Part 2 PICS 991 C2S - Temporary Bye F10 M5 - Hello P-car!
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  166. While some are obsessing about the M3/4
  167. 2011 X5M Tuned vs 2014 M5 CP
  168. Remind me to not buy a Porsche anytime soon
  169. Porsche 911 GT3 Named 2014 World Performance Car of the Year
  170. M5 & F-type
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  172. Porsche Dealers
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  175. Shut up and take my money!
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  179. La Ferrari reviewed
  180. LaFerrari reviewed
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  190. And THIS is how fast the TTS Cab is (vs. Speciale)
  191. i8 $100,000 over MSRP!?
  192. As if the 991 Turbo S needs to be faster. Lol!
  193. Moving on
  194. Would you pay $250,000 for this?
  195. M5 vs Porsche 991 2S from a rolling start
  196. Funny thread over on the other side. Lol!
  197. Made up my mind
  198. Cayman GT3
  199. Next generation M3/M4 4cylinder engine
  200. 14 RS7
  201. Seems like a good price?
  202. M5 CP vs E63S AMG vs XFR vs RS6 Australian Review !
  203. This is pretty much what happens when I'm driving my M5 on the public highway
  204. Is there an "IND for Porsches"?
  205. Thoughts on '15 Z06?
  206. 2014 Bentley Continental GT V-8 S
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  208. Vs. F430
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  211. New Macan revealing at Porsche of Bucks County
  212. GTS Cayman tested
  213. Porsche makes nice stuff..
  214. 991 Turbo S Cab vs Ferrari 458 and 458 Speciale: Vids
  215. Panamera specials
  216. 911 TTS White/Black CS
  217. Since there are a few 991 TT-S owners here- my thread about the GIAC tune
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  219. So what do you go buy if the M5 starts to "feel slow"?
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  223. Why Porsche?
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  227. BMW smokes Bugatti
  228. vs This Crazy Fastest MB in the world QMile 155 mph! !
  229. Help me decide : 2015 M5 w/ competition Or E63 AMG S
  230. M4 Ring Time 7:52
  231. Didnt take long to write off F80 M3
  232. Test drove the Jag F Type R Coupe- Pics
  233. Vic55 and I drove the F80 M3. Pulls like a French Choo Choo Train.
  234. Perfect younger Brother to RPI's Mika
  235. Checked out 2015 M3
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  241. Sold my M6 Coupe
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  243. Ferrari Califonia T (2014) CAR video review
  244. Dodge Hellcat: 707 hp
  245. M5 vs Hyundai
  246. I'll just leave this here m3 puts down 530/570whp/trq
  247. Couldn't wait for my order bought this
  248. Cayman GT4 to get 3.8TT - 450HP
  249. So Surprised No F80 M3 vs F10 M5 races out yet!! Looked everywhere -:)
  250. Test drove F82 M4 and my humble NON TRACK impressions -:)