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  1. Active Sound Design in next M3/M4?
  2. HUD?
  3. Premium Audio in the F8X?
  4. BMW M3 M4 Active Sound: the Good and the Bad News
  5. Tell me I am wrong- F8x idrive design hideous
  6. M4 Sound System
  7. Bang & Olufsen in M3/4
  8. Is Navigation necessary?
  9. Does BMW M4 have equivalent of VAG-COM?
  10. does iDrive have 4G data in the M3?
  11. F80 F82 Speaker locations
  12. Driver Assistance Package
  13. iDrive to display torque and horsepower in real time?
  14. 6NS - Enhanced USB & Bluetooth
  15. Harman Kardon option - did anyone notice?
  16. Any thoughts on the head-up display?
  17. Question on M Laptimer
  18. Apple CarPlay 2016 F8x
  19. What does the universal remote control control?
  20. Who's ready? (F80 M3 / F82 M4 Coding)
  21. Option 8TH (Speed Limit Info) - useful or just a gimmick?
  22. BMW Active Sound: Give us the best sound system?
  23. Anyone else concerned about potential firmware issues in F80/82?
  24. Nav system standard on new M3/M4?
  25. Waze integration
  26. iPhone Synch enhancements for F8x?
  27. Coding question?
  28. Does BMW hate Android?
  29. Hard drive or SSD in new M3/M4?
  30. Music files in new F80/82 cars
  31. Base audio system same as F3X?
  32. Harman Kardon Sound, advantage?
  33. Valentine 1 install
  34. Satellite radio without executive.
  35. Enabled Adaptive Headlights use in USA - Did you think about this?
  36. Why no B&O sound on F80
  37. Bmw Apps?
  38. Who's adding the top and side cameras?
  39. M3 / M4 Active Sound responsible for 2-3% of sound
  40. Built in Radar/Laser detector jammer
  41. active audio vs passive audio
  42. Am I dumb? No SYNC/ALL functionality?
  43. CD Changer Changer
  44. Fuse Box?
  45. List of Features code-able on F80/F82 M3/M4
  46. Hardwiring Radar Detector
  47. M3/M4 Navigation/Computer Software Updates
  48. Anyone else underwhelmed by HK Audio?
  49. Misaligned radio buttons
  50. HK as good as B&O IMHO
  51. Coding
  52. Video of Media Options in the F80
  53. Driver Assistance Plus... Glad you ordered it?
  54. Ideal EQ Settings for HK Audio System
  55. HUD and polarized sunglasses
  56. BMW Advanced Car Eye for F8x?
  57. Thinking about a stripped M3. Can XM be added later?
  58. USB ports?
  59. Best lidar shifter?
  60. First Look: Awron DGA Gauge for F8X M3/M4
  61. What is this app?
  62. HK Stereo impressions.
  63. "BMW Remote" App Question
  64. gopro app
  65. Usb Port And Music Capacity M4
  66. Only one USB port?
  67. How do you turn up Active Sound in M4?
  68. Problems with connected drive?
  69. Awron/Alpina Guage
  70. HK EQ settings
  71. "Mobile Office" set up in iDrive?
  72. Removing the Phone Cradle?
  73. Stock audio (non HK) from the ears of a non-audiophile
  74. Beltronics STiR / AL Priority Custom Installation Radar Detector/Laser Jammer
  75. M4 Dash Cam reccomendations?
  76. Which mirror do we have (Blendmount question)
  77. HUD - does the image look fuzzy to you?
  78. Bmw connected drive
  79. How do I program the integrated garage door opener?
  80. streaming audio from phone
  81. Which DVDs will play
  82. US Navigation System
  83. Backup sensor fault with radar detector install?!?!?
  84. EU Instrument Cluster
  85. Rear 10-12 inch Sub/Amp recommendation for HK system?
  86. TV tuner availability?
  87. Valentine1 Installation with Savvy
  88. Power Rear Sunshade in Action
  89. Video of F8x HUD
  90. Laser jammers
  91. Navigation volume
  92. Album art cover
  93. Harmon Kardon Opinions?
  94. Split screen settings?
  95. HK radio vs Road noise
  96. Switching between media and office
  97. Tire Pressure in iDrive
  98. Shift lights
  99. Dumb question on BMW Online - need input
  100. Can you access BMW Apps?
  101. receive emails
  102. Bluetooth phone calls - any issues with interior noise?
  103. Enhanced bluetooth
  104. Shuffle an iPod playlist through iDrive
  105. Software Updates?
  106. airplay mirroring for Waze
  107. iDrive Internet browsing question
  108. Sirrus how to display song, title and channel on single screen?
  109. Kivic one & H30
  110. "Y" USB-Audio cable for the M4?
  111. Video playback and mirroring iPhone
  112. Rear view camera poor image quality
  113. Standard configuration of car settings??
  114. CarPlay?
  115. Nav question
  116. M4 hard drive
  117. Coding cable
  118. Harmon Kardon Bass Level?
  119. Office app questions
  120. Power Outlet Locations?
  121. Does the M4 have fake engine sounds piped through its radio speakers ! I hope not !
  122. iDrive Shuts Off Randomly?
  123. iPhone 6 compatibility
  124. Htc one m8 cradle
  125. Start up screen....
  126. Center Channel
  127. Changing speaker question
  128. Adding A Backup Camera To A M4
  129. Navigation "Areas to Avoid" feature?
  130. How to export M Laptimer information?
  131. Owners who have the Harmon Kardon sound
  132. Spotify Support for ConnectedDrive / BMW Apps
  133. Is Enhanced USB/Bluetooth option needed for streaming music?
  134. [Fixed]iDrive issues with iOS 8
  135. Need some numbers to set up the Palmer DashCommand in my M4
  136. Switched power inside the passenger compartment
  137. Ipod Problems; Annoying!!!
  138. Valentine One Hardwire
  139. BMW gps tracking capabilities
  140. Active Cruise Control
  141. Wing mirrors
  142. M3 multimedia prob
  143. Subwoofer installation
  144. How many of us, while attempting to increase or lower the radio volume...
  145. Iphone videos
  146. iDrive crashed twice - anyone else see this?
  147. ///M logo display on iDrive at start up...
  148. USB, iPod, HDD Interfaces
  149. BMW Assist question
  150. iOS update 8.0.2
  151. Where do you put your phone?
  152. Coders in Nashville or TN
  153. Rear view camera dark?
  154. Just to confirm re: HD Radio
  155. Rear Entertainment Screen
  156. No Enhanced BT
  157. iPhone charging problem
  158. BMW Online just upgraded! Everyone should notice this
  159. SOLVED - Streaming Music Not Working
  160. NAV question (voice guidance volume)
  161. Accessory socket
  162. Sirius Trick
  163. Playing streamed music from Iphone via BT and then USB cable, wtf?
  164. Does F8x ship with 2014 maps or 2015 maps?
  165. Sub installed
  166. Outside temperature/weather forcast display?
  167. Anyone here upgade your audio system yet HK and non ?
  168. Speed Limit Warning
  169. Iphone 6 plus
  170. Idrive connected to my phones LTE?
  171. Text Messages In iDrive
  172. Anyone tested the "profiles"?
  173. Neon Green Outlines
  174. USB Video
  175. Initial HK settings.
  176. Reversible USB cord Kickstarter
  177. Bavsound Stage One for my M4 just arrived!
  178. No more album cover art
  179. Just curious what some father's here do for rear headrest TV's?
  180. BMW assist/connected drive/ BMW online problems
  181. Seat position not stored in the profile.
  182. What are you doing with Radio Pressts 1 - 8
  183. Heads up display radio stations
  184. M HUD - Am I doing something wrong?
  185. Unlocking via remote app doesn't work!
  186. iPad app?
  187. Coming home light
  188. Napster
  189. Removed phone cradle
  190. Samsung Galaxy S5 Owners...
  191. ios 8.1 update killed my music!
  192. F15 M Sport Key??????
  193. default music listing format
  194. Enhanced USB/bluetooth
  195. navigation screen color
  196. Artificial exhaust note
  197. Activating Sirius?
  198. Default Air/AC
  199. My BMW Remote iPhone App Updated Nov 4th
  200. Strange iDrive knob + rev needle
  201. Updated iPhone remote
  202. Lock/Unlock Beep
  203. Connected drive
  204. Spotify now works with iDrive!!!!!
  205. Remote start m4
  206. Spotify now supports BMW Apps
  207. Moving light after 6k RPM
  208. Manual recirculate
  209. Optimum shift indicator
  210. Question for those who have HUD
  211. Spotify ConnectedDrive - Screenshots
  213. Rewind/Fast Forward of music
  214. Navigation Language Change -- Is it possible outside of available options
  215. Changing Channels - One at a time
  216. Anyone found a good console mount for iPhone?
  217. Bluetooth music stutter?
  218. Unlocking the car setting
  219. Bluetooth streaming iPhone 6 issue
  220. Problem with Iphone 6 plus.
  221. HOWTO: Hardwiring a RD Using Fuse Tap Method in the F82 Trunk
  222. Useless f'ing cameras and parking sensors...
  223. updated iDrive in future?
  224. BavSound Ordered - Now I wait patiently
  225. Aftermarket Satellite Options?
  226. Spotify Not Connecting Automatically
  227. My analysis of the Mís iPhone integration
  228. contact pictures on idrive
  229. iPhone connection with usb problem
  230. Real time traffic question
  231. Samsung S5 text and e-mail does not show up on my iDrive
  232. Installed Bavsound stage 1 on my HK F80 M3 with full leather and sunshades
  233. Phone Mount Recommendation for Note
  234. Recommended Cable/Connection for Android OS to Audio System
  235. Why does the power stay on after I turn off the car
  236. Wireless for passengers in m4
  237. Key Mod
  238. Escort Passport 9500ci Review on BMW M4
  239. 2014 F82 M4 Audio Upgrade
  240. watching videos from usb storage device
  241. valentine one and blind spot detection system
  242. Question regarding NOW PLAYING section of multimedia and next button on steering whl?
  243. BMW A/C Temp settings
  244. rear camera
  245. What is this?
  246. Remote Start for DCT?
  247. Will rear-view camera be standard in MY2016?
  248. Parking Assist Feature
  249. Connected Drive stocks widget does not work at all
  250. Audio upgrade