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  1. Carsten Pries: Future (next?) 4-cylinder M3/M4 is possible!
  2. Optional AWD system on future M3/M4?
  3. No more manual gearbox for Future M3/M4?
  4. When will the future G20-based M3 arrive?
  5. Rumor: Next gen 2020 BMW M3 / M4 hybrid
  6. What's in store for the next generation M3/M4?
  7. BMW "M xDrive" Coming to the next generation M3 / M4?
  8. Any renders of the next generation G82 M4?
  9. Any chance for a V8?
  10. G80 Release Date?
  11. Next gen G80 M3 renders and speculations by Autobild
  12. When will the G80 M3 waiting list start?
  13. BMW G80 M3 and G82 M4 Specs and Features Speculations by CAR Magazine
  14. Next Generation G80 M3 Spy Shots!
  15. 2020 M3 G80? Anyone else excited?
  16. Will the G80 switch to a ZF AT or continue with a DCT?
  17. Anyone heard of specs for new G series M for 2020?
  18. What's holding you over until the next M3/M4?
  19. G82 M4 GTS - will it happen?
  20. G80 M3 Release Date? Thoughts?
  21. Will the new M3/M4 have digital gauges?
  22. G82 M4 Release Date?
  23. Autocar rumors: G80 M3 may get active rear steering, 465hp, be lighter than F80 M3 CS
  24. POLL: How Important is the Manual Gearbox?
  25. M3/M4 Differentiation
  26. I predict that the G80, like the G20, will have "conjoined grills"
  27. G80 M3 to have Tri-Turbo setup?
  28. G86 M4 GC - could it happen?
  29. Anyone else worried the G80 will not be aggressive/distinguished enough?
  30. Will the G82 M4 GTS also switch to a ZF AT?
  31. DCT or Traditional AT?
  32. G80 M3 / G82 M4 News Update: Competition Model, RWD and xDrive, manual still alive!
  33. Exhaust needs to sound better
  34. BMW, can we please have back to back easy launches like with the Golf R?
  35. Next generation M3/M4 to be a hybrid?
  36. Rumor: BMW M3 Touring Being Considered
  37. If interested in buying a future M3 Touring, please vote
  38. I hope passive suspension is still available on the G80
  39. Further proof CSL M models are coming...
  40. BMW Boss Promises a Manual Transmission in the G82 M4
  41. What, if anything, does the weight of the new Porsche 911 mean for the next M3/4?
  42. Will the G80 have Active Sound?
  43. Didn't the last two M3 generations have 6 year runs?
  44. Will the G80 M3 also be built in Mexico?
  45. Likelihood of Yas Marina Blue being a standard color on G80?
  46. G80 M3/M4 info from Car Magazine, Including No Frills Manual-Only Rear-Drive Version
  47. Will the "Pure" version of the S58 be tunable to the same hp as the other versions?
  48. Newest info updates: G80 M3 Pure, Base and Competition models (Updated May 20, 2019)
  49. Would you get a G80/G82 RWD MT, RWD AT, or AWD AT?
  50. 8AT Rev Limit vs S58 on G8x?
  51. Autojunk.nl G80 spy shots
  52. Will the Pure model be naturally aspirated? Update: Heh. Nope.
  53. G80 M3 engine - what will it be?
  54. S58 Engine: Specs and First Look!
  55. Estimated G80 fuel consumption/CO2 emissions
  56. Estimated G80 starting MSRP
  57. When do you think the G82 M4 CS will come out?
  58. Carsten Pries BMW M Product Head Confirms AWD and More For G80 M3
  59. G80 M3 and G82 M4 Will Share Front Ends With Larger and Taller Kidney Grilles
  60. How long do you keep your Ms?
  61. Why not a DCT and MT in one transmission?
  62. Limiting factor in manual transmissions?
  63. Transition to G80 M3 from F80 M3 with help of G30
  64. G80 M3 Will Debut in September at Frankfurt Auto Show
  65. Based on my experience with the G20 330i xDrive, I think the G80 will be impressive
  66. G80 M3 Rendering by kolesa.ru
  67. G80 M3 Configurator & Drivetrain...
  68. CarBuzz: BMW 4 Series Will Look Very Different From New 3 Series
  69. Power dome - Where is it?
  70. Next Generation G83 M4 Convertible Spy Shots!
  71. Based on the BimmerPost render, do you like the G80 M3's design?
  72. Concerned about the S58 after drag racing in an X3M/X4M
  73. BMW M CEO reassures manual transmission is coming to G80 M3 / G82 M4
  74. I'm not interested in AWD
  75. I will only buy a G80 M3 if...
  76. Future Manual Transmission Buyers Thread
  77. Car Magazine: New 2020 BMW M3: Choice of 480 or 510bhp, 2WD or 4WD confirmed
  78. Car Magazine: Inside BMW M Division: a guided tour with new boss Markus Flasch
  79. Poll: Big or Small Grill(e)?
  80. G80 M3 interior/exterior colors and seat details
  81. G80 M3 Production Should Begin March 2020
  82. Marquardt: BMW “Very Likely” to Go With M4 for Next GT3 Car
  83. Why no G81 M3 Touring?
  84. Leaked G80 M3 / G82 M4 / G22 4 Series grille picture!
  85. BMW M President confirms G80 M3 leaks, car won't be released until 2021
  86. BMW M CEO Confirms G80 M3 Manual Will Be RWD Only
  87. AutoExpress inaccurate M3 renderings
  88. Next Generation G82 M4 Coupe Spy Shots!
  89. BMW Again Confirms G82 M4 Will Exceed 500 HP in M4 GT3 Preview
  90. Buying a first year production G80 M3
  91. Some encouraging data for the performance of the G80/G82 BMW M3/M4
  92. Poll: Like or Dislike G80 M3/G82 M4
  93. Please bring back Le Mans Blue
  94. Ventilated seats?
  95. Estimating G8x M3/M4 size, weight, and acceleration figures
  96. Autocar - M4 Gran Coupe and i4 to lead sportier 4 Series lineup
  97. BMW Board of Drivers survey asks about possible four cylinder hybrid M
  98. Which manual transmission will the G8x have?
  99. BMW M CEO reaffirms G80 M3 / G82 M4 September reveal and basic specs
  100. 6MT + AWD?
  101. Possibility of G8x redesign?
  102. Motor1: BMW 4 Series' Big Kidney Grille Probably Won’t Appear On Other Models
  103. BMW M3/M4 initially in RWD only, Manual only on low 480HP variant
  104. Give the people what they want!
  105. Digital gauges :(
  106. M3/4 Official Prototype Drives
  107. M3 CS and CSL confirmed by CAR magazine? Moderator: No
  108. The Alpina B3 has the S58 (but isn’t available in the US)
  109. BMW: Please provide roof-rack inserts on CF roof
  110. Meta debate: Arguing the history of M hate
  111. German newspaper claims BMW will build a G81
  112. I don't understand BMW's product release process
  113. I’ll miss the power dome hood
  114. Anyone else considering an Individual Yas Marina Blue G8x?
  115. BMW M Head of Development on the new BMW M3 and BMW M4. (G80, G82. 2020)
  116. Portimao Blue G80 M3 looking good with less camo
  117. G82 M4 test drive review by Sport Auto
  118. The Official G8x Grille Talk Thread
  119. G80 M3 / G82 M4 May Appear in Closed-Room Event at BMW M Track Days (Aug. 14-21)
  120. *** Warning against trolling, inciting, soapboxing ***
  121. I have seen pictures of the M3 and M4 without camouflage
  122. Official: A New Dimension. The First BMW M3 Touring Confirmed.
  123. G80 M3 and G82 M4 Belgian sneak preview on Sep 13, 2020
  124. Feedback on the Sao Paulo Yellow G82 M4 Competition shown at Monticello M Track Days!
  125. Feedback on the Isle of Man Green G80 M3 Competition shown at the MetLife UDE!
  126. Is there both a "Base" and “Pure" model? Answer: no.
  127. Will the S58 get upgraded with 48V for the G8x?
  128. Oil cooler location?
  129. Seeing the G8X IRL, did it change your mind?
  130. G81 M3 GoFundMe for North America?
  131. MotoGP rider Miguel Oliveira wins a 2021 M4 G82
  132. Carbon fiber driveshaft?
  133. Rear brakes a disappointment?
  134. Petition to Bring G81 M3 Touring to the US
  135. Petition for BMW G81 M3 Touring - US Market | Change.org
  136. Up close with the M3/M4 at circuit Zolder BMW track days
  137. New G82 M4 GTS? CSL? With Radical Center Quad Exhaust
  138. G8x taking cues from Lexus
  139. BMW UK M3/M4 marketing email - we may only get the Competition model here
  140. Competition model is AWD only?
  141. September 23rd reveal date officially confirmed for G80 BMW M3 and G82 M4
  142. Saw the M3/M4 today
  143. Manual transmission is limited production in Canada?
  144. What trim level are you planning to get?
  145. Official 2021 BMW M3 (G80) / M4 (G82) Specs, Wallpapers, Videos, Photos, Info
  146. Official New M3/M4 (G80/G82) Photos leaked early
  147. M4 Convertible?
  148. G80 M3/G82 M4 Review by Joe Achilles
  149. M Performance Parts Available For G80 M3 / G82 M4 At Launch
  150. DCT option petition thread
  151. G8x M Seats
  152. What do you think of the color choices?
  153. 4000lb M3/M4?
  154. Configurators For 2021 M3 / M4 Now Online
  155. The S58 in the M3/M4 has more torque than the one in the X3/X4 M
  156. 6MT Interior Photos
  157. Why not raise the redline to 7200 RPM for the 6MT?
  158. Why is BMW M going in a new direction?
  159. Thoroughly Surprised - My Thoughts. Reply Yours
  160. The hood is worse than the grill
  161. We need some positivity - here’s mine
  162. Jalopnik Op-Ed on G8x Design
  163. Why are you purchasing a G8x?
  164. Sao Paolo Yellow and White G80 M3 in the Wild!
  165. G82 M4 Power to Weight Ratio & Performance Discussion Official Thread
  166. Mega Gallery: G80 M3 and G82 M4 at BMW M Studio
  167. How does the car compare to what you had hoped for?
  168. Post-reveal Poll: Like or Dislike G8X M3/M4
  169. M Carbon Bucket Seats okay for a daily driver?
  170. Any pics/vids of Black Sapphire or Davit Grey G80 G82?
  171. M3 CS AWD?
  172. Do you prefer the M3 or M4 this time around?
  173. 0-100 km/h in 3.9s?
  174. Nordschleife guesstimate thread
  175. G80 vs F80 exterior dimensions
  176. How to kill the manual transmission once and for all
  177. First pics of 2021 M3 / M4 G8X at Beijing Auto Show (with manual transmission!)
  178. Poor sales figures will be blamed on COVID, not the controversial grill
  179. Torque rating mistake?
  180. G80 Technology Improvements?
  181. G80 M3 / G82 M4 Stillborn in the EU?
  182. Why didn't we get a G82 M4 concept car?
  183. Next opportunity to see the cars?
  184. Will US cars have the Otto Particle Filter (OPF)?
  185. Exhaust details & undercarriage look from G82 M4 / G80 M3
  186. Who / What Demographic is going to buy this thing?
  187. G80 Anticipated Reliability?
  188. You'll be able to tell a 6MT from a mile away thanks to the badging
  189. M xDrive replaces RWD in Switzerland?
  190. Anyone else like chrome exhaust tips better than black?
  191. Will the AWD G8x ride higher than the RWD model?
  192. When will they be available again to see in person?
  193. Why I think the upcoming CS should be manual only
  194. Steering wheel worse than the grill?
  195. Isle of Man Green M3 & Sao Paolo Yellow M4 at the UDE - Impressions from an F80 owner
  196. Individual Configurator / Visualizer now online for G80/G82 M3 and M4
  197. 2022 M4 Competition x Kith Limited Edition. Preorders Open Today.
  198. Drivetribe Review - Get Over the Grille
  199. First driving reviews when?
  200. Why I think BMW knows better than the grill haters
  201. Thoughts from F8x M3/M4 owners who are moving to a G8x M3/M4?
  202. WSJ: Why Porsche and BMW are Gunning For Hoodie-Wearing Teens
  203. M Carbon Exterior Package and IOMG
  204. 2021 G82 M4 Competition (RWD) Nürburgring Lap Times Guesstimate Thread
  205. FS: G82 M4 Competition x Kith Collab Allocation
  206. SPY/YAS M4 and IOMG/KO M3 Sit-in Impressions
  207. G80 M3 & G82 M4 Start of Production! - Video & Details
  208. Will I be the only one ordering regular seats?
  209. G80 M3 / G82 M4 Configurator online at BMWUSA.com. Post Your Build!
  210. Has everyone ruled out Black Sapphire Metallic?
  211. Auto start/stop for 6MT?
  212. Will the Competition package eventually be available with a manual transmission?
  213. BMWUSA listed weight for M4 differs from press release
  214. European market launch?
  215. Which "driving" review are you looking forward to?
  216. Are Laser Lights worth the price in the US?
  217. Can the Carbon seats be used with a six point harness?
  218. M3/M4 Canadian Tour dates/locations?
  219. No DCT on the new Ms?
  220. 2022 M3 Comp. xDrive - One year model before LCI?
  221. Sub 3 sec 0-60 and 9's in 1/4 mile incoming
  222. G80 M3 lifespan?
  223. BMW S. Africa site shows Skyscraper Grey, Aventurin Red, Individual Interior Options
  224. G80 M3 in Marina Bay Blue - which brake caliper color?
  225. RWD or AWD: Your preference and why?
  226. G80 daily driver in the winter: RWD or AWD?
  227. I’m breaking in a brand new G80 M3! Pics, Impressions, Review (Continuing)
  228. Carscoops: Can We Fix The New BMW Grille Without Changing Its Size?
  229. I’ve decided not to order one - how about you?
  230. No RHD manual G8x?
  231. Why is the park button low on the shifter?
  232. Colour choice help - Grey w/ Black or Black w/ Grey?
  233. First Impression of the M Carbon Bucket Seats
  234. My G82 M4 driving impressions & Portimao Blue pics
  235. G8x M3/M4 buyers: do you rent or own a home?
  236. G83 M4 Convertible - Patent Designs filed by BMW at WIPO
  237. G8X in cold weather climates - how to option/configure?
  238. 2021 BMW M3 (G80) production line video ▶ Plant Munich
  239. Why is the M3 such a beloved, iconic car?
  240. Rectangular area in grill and US license plate placement?
  241. Considering Toronto Red with Kyalami Orange interior
  242. The manual shifter location and the M3's rear-door/fender transition are bugging me
  243. Golf club fitment in the G80?
  244. G82 M4 CSL is possible with July 2022 production
  245. M3 or M4? Which did you choose, and why?
  246. No M3/M4 CS?
  247. Tartufo interior now available
  248. G8x M3 and M4 now showing in BMW stock locator
  249. Is the weight of the G8x M3/M4 an issue?
  250. Do any US dealerships have an M3/M4 on display yet?