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  1. BIMMERPOST Guide to Ordering and Tracking your BMW
  2. How do I pre-order a G80 today?
  3. Considering a late 2020 G80 M3 ED - couple questions
  4. 2021 BMW M4 Ordering
  5. How long will it be before discounts are available?
  6. Got my order in for Isle of Man Green G80 M3 Competition (HEA allocation)
  7. G80 M3 / G82 M4 HEA US allocations have been released!
  8. AWD G80 M3 / G82 M4 M xDrive starts production July 2021 (as a 2022 model year)
  9. Looks like we secured first allocation for G82 M4
  10. No go on ED for M2, so now I have an M3 inbound!
  11. G80 M3 Order - How does it work?
  12. When will it possible to order a G80 in an Individual Color?
  13. G80 M3 / G82 M4 Pricing For Belgium Revealed
  14. Will I be able to get one at MSRP?
  15. What percentage off MSRP is invoice pricing?
  16. Who has 2021 M3 / M4 allocations?
  17. When will we be able to order one with AWD?
  18. M4 convertible availability?
  19. How no Euro Delivery has changed my purchase habits
  20. Credit app needed for pre-order?
  21. Canadian configurator shows a 6MT Competition model - mistake, right?
  22. What is the "BMW Performance Design elements deletion" option?
  23. Canadian options and pricing
  24. Are ventilated seats available?
  25. Received offer for M4 in Belgium, lower resell value
  26. Discount on confirmed allocations?
  27. Canadian 2021 BMW M3 and M4 Pricing Guides
  28. Help timing G80 purchase
  29. Expected Pricing for M4 AWD Convertible?
  30. First sign of progress on my HEA order
  31. Can I include M Performance parts in a HEA M3 Competition order?
  32. Similar price for base and Competition models
  33. 2021 BMW M3 and M4 Pricing Guides
  34. The base model offers less value, so why choose it?
  35. AWD model will have less torque?
  36. Iím going to order a G80 - what do I need to know?
  37. 2021 BMW M3 and M4 Base Model Pricing Guide!
  38. What kind of discounts will we see once hype dies down?
  39. First M car - Purchasing advice for Thai resident?
  40. Will Frozen Dark Grey be available in the US?
  41. Buy now or wait?
  42. Will cloth seats be available?
  43. Lease payment on an $80k M4?
  44. Do I have to take delivery at the selling dealership?
  45. What does the M Carbon Exterior package actually include?
  46. Taxes on new M3&M4 in your country / state or region
  47. Military Pricing
  48. Why are dealerships quoting such high prices for their HEA cars?
  49. M Performance Exhaust Price?
  50. Advanced Driver Assistance Package
  51. I was told Individual colors can be ordered in March
  52. Finalizing my G80 Comp Build - Change my mind
  53. Any dealers have G80 M3 allocations?
  54. Are brokered deals negotiable?
  55. Finalized my Frozen Portimato Blue HEA build
  56. My G80 Order
  57. BMWCCA discount?
  58. AWD now showing in German configurators for Ä4K
  59. M3 Allocation? Dealers Brokers? Please PM!
  60. Fire Orange Build - thoughts?
  61. My G82 Build
  62. SPY G82 - Yas Marina or Black interior?
  63. When will the US configurator be online?
  64. Is side view camera now replaced by drive recorder?
  65. Successfully ordered a Fire Orange M4 Competition in Belgium
  66. When can I order a G83?
  67. Official G80 M3 / G82 M4 Quotes, Pricing and Lease Rates Thread
  68. Residual value discussion - is it still too early?
  69. Ordered a Brooklyn Gray M3C for December production
  70. Ordering the standard Individual interior options?
  71. Is there a remote start option?
  72. Price released in China
  73. Can I get 763M wheels?
  74. AWD?
  75. Ordered M4, Manual
  76. M3 Competition Individual Macadamia ordered - Update: canceled
  77. Waiting for an M4 allocation and was offered $500 off MSRP
  78. No Mineral White Metallic?
  79. My G80 HEA build started production (UPDATE: now in transit)
  80. Stoked! My G82 has finished production and is in QC!
  81. What is Extended Shadowline Trim?
  82. Which interior with Toronto Red?
  83. White or Blue? Decisions, Decisions
  84. Local dealer has no allocations and no ETA for any
  85. I don't understand being one of the first to get one
  86. Why arenít all options available in the US?
  87. My production timeline
  88. Ordered my BMW M4 Competition (March 2021 delivery)
  89. I'm ordering an M4 Competition x KITH
  90. Got my production slot!
  91. BMW Select vs Lease
  92. What does the Competition model add over the base model?
  93. Picking an Individual color in the US - Gentian Blue?
  94. Were you able to secure a lease with the base money factor?
  95. BMW Individual: ďSpecial PaintsĒ vs. completely custom
  96. Individual Twilight Purple - opinion, value?
  97. Should I lease or should I buy?
  98. Where will HEA cars be held?
  99. My US order with BMW Individual Special Order Paint has been accepted
  100. I have a fun ///M lease sharing idea
  101. When / how can I order an AWD M3 in the USA?
  102. Individual Black Colors?
  103. My former Tanzanite Blue / Kyalami Orange M3 order is available
  104. Ordered an IOMG/KO M3!
  105. My G82 order and lease offer
  106. Anyone with a non-HEA G80 6MT in production?
  107. Pricing Leverage?
  108. Are you going without the Executive Package?
  109. When will they be at US dealers?
  110. M Performance catalog?
  111. Individual M4 order delivery timeline?
  112. Deciding on wheel style/color for IOMG M3
  113. My Frozen Portmao G80 Order
  114. What determines when a dealer gets allocations?
  115. My Portimao G80 Build (coming from an F90 M5C)
  116. Did you order the M Carbon bucket seats?
  117. Got my production number!
  118. Share your M3/M4 order details
  119. How long for production number?
  120. 71C M Carbon Exterior Package with 7M9 Extended Shadowline Trim?
  121. Ordered an Individual Jerez Black M4
  122. Ordering an M4
  123. AWD Buyers - what's your plan?
  124. Dealer won't give me a production number
  125. I think BMW should provide a live video feed of our cars being built
  126. Is anyone ordering Sao Paulo Yellow?
  127. Just placed my order for an IOMG/KO M4
  128. Allocation Dilema
  129. Standard Individual interiors now available to order for March production
  130. What's the latest date you can order a 2021 M3?
  131. Can a comp allocation be changed to base?
  132. Yikes, last day to change color :help:
  133. New to Bimmerpost, M3 Competition on order
  134. Status went backwards after adding options
  135. Production Started on M3 Comp
  136. New G82 M4 Order Confirmed
  137. How long does it take to get my car?
  138. Financing and Lease
  139. Frozen Portimao Blue with White or with Orange Interior?
  140. Why is Dravit Grey an Individual color?
  141. Who has a scheduled pickup delivery date?
  142. Rear center arm rest option?
  143. Almost there
  144. Looking for a Kith M4
  145. I got a production # and build week for my Enzian Blue G82 M4!
  146. First car payment - This seems backwards
  147. Individual color cost?
  148. February 3rd Competition Model Order Guide?
  149. Does anyone want my G82 M4 Build Allocation?
  150. HEA or wait?
  151. BMW March Finance & Incentives?
  152. 2021 M4 Comp available - Should I buy it?
  153. No allocations for months in my area
  154. M Performance Parts price?
  155. Ordered Base M3 IOMG/Black
  156. Option 5AS Driving Assistant removed?
  157. What options/features are not available for the base model?
  158. Heated rear seats?
  159. I chose the Carbon Exterior Package over the Executive Package
  160. Driving Assistance Professional Package? Is it worth it?
  161. Dealership wants me to sign a purchase order and put down a $1000 deposit
  162. Custom paint ordering time/schedule?
  163. Cloth Interior through BMW Individual?
  164. My dealership claims there is a Harmon Kardon audio shortage
  165. Parking Assistance Package - everyone orders it?
  166. My dealership won't allow me to test drive
  167. 20% over MSRP for AWD in SoCal
  168. + 4550 Euro for AWD in Belgium
  169. Finally Found A Manual Allocation!
  170. Not good at waiting
  171. The Tanzanite Blue / Kyalami Orange M3 I had ordered is now available
  172. Build Duration?
  173. European delivery gone forever?
  174. Picking up my G80 next week, what to do with my F80?
  175. Has anyone ordered an individual car?
  176. My car has been stuck in the quality check phase for almost two weeks
  177. I want to switch my BMW FS lease from an M340i to an M3
  178. BMWUSA Extended Warranty
  179. Drove M3. Thoughts and tips for those ordering
  180. G80 on order!
  181. Ordered my G80 today
  182. Dreams can come true!
  183. Parking Assistance Package
  184. Determine Bill of Lading number?
  185. Where are G8x built?
  186. Dealer said they could modify an order, but could not
  187. Did someone order an M4 in Frozen Deep Gray?
  188. MY2022 xDrive timeline?
  189. The M3 is too good - how can I get out of my current lease?
  190. Iím considering an M4 xDrive, what do you think?
  191. Ordered Tuesday, in queue today
  192. What's the build status of your car?
  193. Dealer Test Drive and Order
  194. Will the Yas Marina Blue interior be available long term?
  195. Is anyone doing PCD on the 30th?
  196. Thinking about ordering a G80 M3C
  197. Processing/Documents Fees
  198. This board needs a tracking thread
  199. Saw M4s in FW and SPY
  200. Are you ordering Individual paint?
  201. My car includes laser lights even though I did not order the Executive Package
  202. G8x on the boat?
  203. Joe Achilles Reports Production Delay Due to Bucket Seats
  204. Questions about my delivery timeline
  205. Gap insurance?
  206. Picking up tomorrow
  207. Inventory on cars.com
  208. Who pays for rebates?
  209. Tire and Wheel Warranty
  210. Differences between Full and Extended leather?
  211. No window shade option?
  212. Has anyone done PCD yet?
  213. Sirius/satellite radio
  214. LCI when?
  215. Base model (MT) allocation shortage
  216. Interest rates, MF, residuals?
  217. BMW says they are having delays in shipping
  218. My car is stuck on status 111
  219. Delivery preferences
  220. How long to get a production allocation?
  221. Additional interior choices?
  222. F80 lease ended in December, trying to extend until AWD G80 order goes through
  223. Car at port - Delivery ETA?
  224. Can't order M carbon bucket seats with Fiona Red interior - what to do?
  225. VIA Parts Sheet?
  226. M4 Convertible when?
  227. US standard Individual interiors?
  228. Socal G80 Allocations
  229. Delivery date for May 2nd production?
  230. Status regressed?
  231. Build status "Production started" for over two weeks - anyone else?
  232. How long until “In transit”?
  233. Did you receive any gifts after getting your car?
  234. G8x M3/M4 changelog
  235. Incentives?
  236. When to start ordering process for a December pickup?
  237. My dealership says they are only ordering Competition models
  238. My Twilight Purple M3 order
  239. My Twilight Purple M3 order
  240. Should I change my order to AWD?
  241. Frozen Dark Grey June Production Only?
  242. MY2022 Free Scheduled Maintenance Change? (Update: Specific to Canada)
  243. Build status "Order Received"
  244. Does a base model car with Carbon Exterior still have chrome exhaust tips?
  245. When will I be able to take delivery?
  246. April Allocations
  247. Production number assistance
  248. My new M4 arrives this Friday
  249. New M3 Comp - Hopefully Early May Delivery
  250. Delivery date for UK