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Question M550i Stage 1 Comparisons: Dinan & BMS

Anyone compare the claimed numbers for these two products? The BMS website states, “…up to 60whp range with the n63tu motor.“ Dinan claims “Max HP Gain: 50 @ 6000 RPM (M550i).“

My back of the napkin calculations:
  • BMS Stage 1: Crank = 86hp; WHP = 60
  • Dinan Stage 1: Crank 50hp; WHP = 31

  • BMS Stage 1: $449.00
  • Dinan Stage 1: $1,799.00

The Dinan Stage 1 offers “Maximum Power on the G30 M550i: 590hp, 650 lb-ft of torque (Crank); 475hp, 562 lb-ft of torque (Wheel)” while no additional claimed figures exist on the BMS website for the M550i. Given these figures and the fact that the engine is highly underrated, is it safe to say that the BMS Stage 1 offers well over 600hp and close to 680 lb-ft of torque at the crank? Is my calculation off? Anyone out there had the opportunity to drive both tunes? Thx in advance.

Conversion source:
BMS Stage 1:
Dinan Stage 1: