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Originally Posted by SleepingBMW View Post
My dealer service techs told me every N63 (the engine in this car) is prone to the cooling problems and soon burning oil. Its sort of fundamental to the way BMW cool the thing and they've improved it but not fixed it.
Eventually the cooling lines will melt or warpa dn fail to cool the engine, the turbo will got too hot, turn brittle, and the seals will suffeer adn the engine will burn oil.
I was advised to just avoid them no matter how tempting. The S63 has a different cooling solution totally and should be safe. Its ironic but you'd be far better served buying an older M5 than buying a new M550i if you are worried about time int he shop and repair bills. Thast straight from the guys fixing these things. They hate them.

If you want a nice ttV8 Cadillac and Audi both offer far better examples with sport packages that are arguably better than what BMW is offering. I say that as someone who loves BMW.
Just clarifying that there are MULTIPLE interations of the N63 engine...and the OP is looking at the g30 M550i which has the N63TU3 engine...not the plagued N63 engine. Not to take away from the fact that all BMW engines have their pluses/minuses...whether its their venerable I6 engines, V8 engines, V10 engines, or V12 engines...but be careful to not conflate issues from one iteration onto another iteration if the issues don't actually have the numbers to send up warning flags that it, too is plagued with the same issues.

There are actually 6 versions (one which was only sold in China). The original (1st iteration) N63 engine was the one that BMW did the customer care "recall". The proceeding iteration (TU/TU2/TU3/etc) have been for the most part...less prone to the failures of the original N63. Make sure it is understood and clear when discussing these V8s and their historical short comings.

Also see the attached information below of the changes BMW did to the N63TU wasn't just a HP & torque upgrade...there were design changes implemented as well.

Just know that the roll out of the upgrade from N63 to N63TU was not the same across all the platforms that offered the V8.

For some reason, the 6 & 7 series (f06/f12/f13/f01/f02) got the n63tu in the 2013 model year...and the 5 & X5 series (f07/f10/f11/f15/f16) started a model year later in 2014.

The N63 engine iterations are listed below...along with their 4.4 cubic inch designation (there was a 4.0 cubic inch N63 engine sold in is not listed below)..and the model/model year each can be found in:
  • N63B44O0 (N63)
    • 2008 2013 E71 X6
    • 2009 2012 F01/F02 750i/750Li[11]
    • 2010 2012 F07 550i GT
    • 2011 2013 F10/F11 550i
    • 2011 2013 E70 X5
    • 2012 2012 F12/F13 650i
  • N63B44O1 (N63TU)
    • 20132015 F01/F02 750i/750Li
    • 20132016 F07 550i GT
    • 20142016 F10/F11 550i
    • 20142018 F15 X5
    • 20142019 F16 X6
    • 20132018 F12/F13 650i
    • 20132019 F06 650i
  • N63B44O2 (N63TU2)
    • 2016 G12 750i/750Li sDrive/xDrive
    • 2017 G30 M550i xDrive
  • N63B44M3 (N63TU3)
    • 2018 G05 X5 xDrive50i
    • 2018 G07 X7 xDrive50i
  • N63B44T3 (N63TU3)
    • 2018 G15 M850i xDrive
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