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This issue has been discussed in another thread. May I just say, respectfully and without any intention to argue or demean, that there is another point of view. I have been all over the country in my last several vehicles, including several motorcycles, without a spare. My wife's E350, with 130K on the clock has a spacesaver spare which has never been touched. I have always carried a pump, tire slime, and a Dynaplug kit, also never used, but with the ability to rescue me if I get a nail which causes rapid deflation (which is unlikely). If you shread a tire locally, with a spare kit and an empty trunk, you will be able to rescue yourself by changing the tire. However, on a trip, with a full trunk (much smaller than mine, if you have a spare kit), where are you going to put the filthy and quite large wheel you remove, with the shredded tire on it? You will, ultimately, have to leave it on the side of the road, or call a tow truck. My considered choice will be, if I decide to get rid of the runflats (which I may do), to continue to run without a spare using the kit I described above, and to call a tow truck in a catastrophe, which will cost me time, but insurance will cover the monetary cost. That way, as I did on my Mini, Porsche, motorcycles, and M4, I can run the Michelin PS4S(etc) and maintain my trunk space for golf clubs, luggage, and other neat stuff. Just my $.02.
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