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Figured I'd jump in here for the random talk.

10 years ago before and during my first deployment I was in great shape. 5' 9", 155ish and tone. Then I got home and became lazy. Now I'm 37 and have been hovering around 175-180 and need to get rid of the mid section, love handles, and cheek fat. I got into the habit of eating too large of portions so now I usually have a banana or something similar for breakfast, no lunch, and try to stick to greens and proteins for dinner but in small amounts. Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri I lift for about an hour and have my protein shake afterwards and that keeps me from getting hungry through the day. I haven't weighed myself lately, and looking in the mirror I don't see changes, but my pants and shirts are def starting to be big on me.

I did "injure" my left shoulder though. I thought it was my rotator cuff again as I injured that years ago in a motorcycle crash, but our PT contributes it to bad posture while working at a desk all day and now my tendons and such are irritated from lifting and being stretched out. I need to stop slouching forward. So theres that...

I need to start running again though. I don't mind running when I'm good at it, I hate getting back to that point.
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