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I am unaware of any single case being charged and convicted with respect to obstruction on an original charge where the arrest was found without merit; no valid basis; insufficient setting forth of facts; or no valid claim of deprivation of a legal right; or a not-guilty verdict was levied.

Please provide stare decisis with respect to your statement if you believe I am being a bit overzealous in my comment.
Martha Stewart.
Scooter Libby
it always surprises me that a Leftist (yeah yeah, i know you've claimed not to be one of those, all appearances to the contrary) would invoke the name of Scooter Libby in a public forum:
1. Scooter Libby was convicted and sent to prison for misremembering something he said in a meeting that occurred 3 years prior to his interview. I don't know about anyone else but i don't remember what i had for lunch 3 days ago and i probably don't know for sure what State i was in on this date 3 years ago.
2. lying POS Patrick Fitzgerald knew that Libby was not the leaker BEFORE Libby was ever interviewed. in fact, Fitzgerald already KNEW that the actual leaker was Hillary supporter Richard Armitage. for Fitzgerald, Armitage was off-limits. but Fitzgerald needed a scalp in order not to look like the chithead he actually is. enter poor ole Scooter Libby.

in an interesting side note: when James Comey was sacked he, of course, hired Patrick Fitzgerald to represent him.
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