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My Mission Performance experience (dragy times)

So I'm not super mechanically inclined or tuner savvy. Ive driven a lot and have experience behind a wheel but just fair warning for being behind on some of the more in depth aspects.

2017 540 M Sport with 20inch wheels and PZero run flats (was limited to 130mph), with a K&N filter

Was gunna get DME Tuning to stage 1 my ride cause they're in my city but stumbled across Mission Performance. And for way less than a DME Tuning I could get a ECU and Trans tune! So duh...I went with that. Called and spoke with Alex a couple times to see how it works and whats all involved. Bought it and the next day I was cleared in the system. Used an amazon obd2 enet cord and an usb to ethernet adaptor for my microsoft surface tablet and about 20 mins later my car was tuned!

Leaving my neighborhood I could feel more power at my dispoal but couldnt get on it till the freeway. When I did it was noticeable the difference. Didnt feel like I'm driving an M5 but was much better than before. So I find a launch spot and start going for 0-60s. At this time my Dragy was being shipped so it was just seat dyno feeling. Go for the first launch and BAM! Drivetrain malfunction. Stuck in 2nd gear. Pulled over. Turned off car and restarted. Warning is gone and I can launch. Didnt feel super faster but it was nice. Still concerned with what happened I called the launch portion of the night over and went for some high speed shit to see if the limiter was in fact deleted. Before the tune I'd hit 130mph and be bored. When I finally took off and passed 130 my heart started pounding and anticipation climbed as I went higher and higher and into 6th where she wouldnt go no more. 163mph fellas! The 540i will stop at 160mph (when translated for the dash speed vs gps dash is 3mph lower than gps on my dragy) pretty exciting to get there but I thought shed have more in her. Ive done it a total of 3 times and tonight she sat there for a while at 160. Didnt see rpms but id guess 6k in 6th gear or less cause shifting to 7 wasnt an option.

I call Alex about the drivetrain and he asks if I've gapped my plugs. I said no. ( not super savvy with the mechanics) He told me to get NGKs and gap them at .22. I actually drove almost a whole tank in eco mode waiting for the NGKs to come in along with the special socket. Gapped them today as a few of the stock champion plugs I checked were at .25. I didnt understand how spark plugs affected my drivetrain but he explained and sure issued today. I ran her like whore and she drove well. Still itching for more but thats how these things go. Never pleased.

During the couple day wait from my call with Alex and the plugs being changed I decided to detune her back to stock and test with the Dragy.

Stock (with KN air filter) 0-60 best was 4.83
Stage 1 ECU and Trans 0-60 best was 4.36

Stock (with KN air filter) 1/4 never did it w/ dragy :-( sorry should be similar to review mags
Stage 1 ECU and Trans 1/4 was 12.66s @108.6

Stage 1 ECU and Trans 60-130 was 13.76 and surprisingly it was with the impropper gapped plugs. Tonights best was 13.92. Couldn't do any with dragy on stock tune cause soeed limiter cock blocks at 130mph which is 127 gps.

Roads were a little damp tonight so maybe times will be faster. We shall see.

On Mission's website they show stage 1.5 and stage 2 dyno data so im curious if mine is a 1 or 1.5. Will clarify soon.

So far so good. Would love to get a downpipe and stage 2 her but still have a factory warranty for 2 more years so unless yall got some savvy workarounds I'll prolly stay away. Will be doing muffler delete soon tho and changing those aweful exhaust tips! Also maybe yall can help me but I think times would be better on PS4s instead of Pzero run flats. I plan on changing to them when tires are needed.

Im gunna have a youtube with just raw dragy videos not looking for subs and all that other shit but more video and data on the 540 would be sweet as theres not a ton.

Any feedback or tips on how to make it faster within reason and warranty would be appreciated!

Oh! And the trans tune....def shifts a bit faster, harder and downshifts are for sure faster. But somewhere with the trans or ecu tune it really diminishes launch control. My best times are traction off in manual with brake down rpms to 2-2200 and release with gas to the floor and pray for no wheel spin.

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