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GTA 5 + M4 = Awesome

Hey guys, didn't see this posted anywhere. I know GTA 5 has been out on PC for a while now, but I finally picked it up this week (beat it when it first came out on 360 a few years ago, so wasn't in a rush to re-play it). First thing I did when I got it was start playing with the mods. I usually don't change anything else except the cars (did the same thing in GTA IV). I don't like seeing the knockoffs in the game, would rather the real thing, lol. Here are just a few pics of the M4 and GT4 I installed (not my mods). I've changed 16 of the in-game cars to the real versions. Unfortunately the M4 isn't a "replace" mod, so you can't see them driving around, but the GT4 and the other 15 are. Just makes me feel extra special driving the only one in Los Santos A lot of modding can be done to the M4 as well, as you can see:

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