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Originally Posted by colbertnation
I've noticed that the European spec G30's have orange turn indicators on the rear just like the front. Is it possible to have that in the US also?
There is a POSSIBILITY they'll come with amber indicators on US cars from launch and I stress this is not a very strong likelihood right now.

There are 3 MAJOR automotive specification standards changes very near to the final vote and agreements.

1. First major revision to US DOT FMVSS (108 Lighting is included) since the 70's. The lighting changes include Amber Turn Signals at the rear, SAE Forward Lighting Standard J3069_201606 - Adaptive Driving Beam which is now complete and issued. This is tied into the minimum equipment required to obtain 5* rating.

2. United Nations Global Vehicle Standards - This G7 Member plus specific non veto holding Committee group that will replace UNECE and regulate a fully harmonized world standard. This is a huge and monumental change for those who love cars. Two days ago, the committee voted to include, Elimination of the ECE and SAE type name and begin to use UN base and differential recognition for LHD and RHD. How is this good for enthusiasts? Want a touring in the US? As long as #3 occurs too or one has deep pockets, it will be a very quick process.

3. TTIP - TransAtlantic Trade and Investment Partnership - This very large, controversial, and Highly Secret Closed door initiative between the EU and US. Its agreement has been stalled from 2014 too now 2019.

Success to very near term agreements on these is 100% at risk due to potential Partisan Politics in the US.

#1 This is one is the most likely to occur first and should have final revision session the first week of JAN.

#2 US and EU cars would be the same. and billions of dollars will be saved. However This too is at risk in the possibility DT wins.

#3 A few representatives have willingly breached the security requirements to Specifically condemn Donald Trump for derogatory comments. They will cease Foreign Trade Interests with the US.
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