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Originally Posted by M5theonlyone View Post
Correa has 'improved' from critical to serious having been taken out of induced coma which he's been in for two weeks. He's semi conscious and not yet in a condition for surgeons to operate on his legs.
Here's the most recent update from his family. Not sure if you saw the same update, but my heart just sank a bit more when I read it. I knew he wasnt in the best condition, but this last update just painted a really grim picture...

As of today, Juan Manuel Correa has been removed from the ECMO machine, life support and taken out of induced coma. While this is great news and a major step in the right direction, he is still in a race against time.

Juan Manuel is conscious, but not fully yet awake. Doctors report that this will take a few days due to being in induced coma for more than two weeks. They have also stated that Juan Manuel is fragile and still vulnerable medically speaking and that he remains in the Intensive Care Unit. His condition has been upgraded from critical to serious.

The medical priority for Juan Manuel now shifts from the lungs to the leg injuries that were sustained more than two weeks ago and have not been addressed since the initial emergency intervention the day of the incident. Doctors are in a race against time to perform a pending major surgery in order to minimize risk of irreversible injuries to his right lower extremity but canít proceed until lungs are ready to withstand a lengthy operation.
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