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Lol! Happiness is key! I'm not usually into the smoking of lights either, though I thought a super light tint might just calm the red-ness down a little...and still kind of keep that stock appeal. I may end up doing what you did. After that video you sent me of your tails, I was soooo tempted but I know I'm going to get yelled at for spending more money on a car that I already spent a bunch of money on buying!! Maybe in a few months.
They key is, don't tell! She won't even notice the new lights For me it's not the money I'll get shit about, it's the "I thought you said you were going to go all OCD this time?". I don't want to hear it.
You make an excellent point sir, she probably wouldn't even notice LOL! She couldn't tell the difference when I swapped from the F10 to the G30 (both Alpine White), until she got into the car. I saw a 2018-2020 M5 yest with the Euro spec LCIs on the road. Very tempting and I do like the idea of removing them and getting a few dollars back on it after selling the car. Hmmmm

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My search resulted in nothing so figured I ask...

Anyone else find the pre-LCI tails a little TOO red? I've been debating tinting my 3Dtails very lightly...maybe 50% or lighter even. Just looking to see if anyone else has done it. I just want it to look a little darker without looking too custom.

I was also considering swapping the tails for a LCI set...but since I tend to swap cars every few years, I might save those tails for the next car.
Thanks for the additional pics. Looks good. If I go this route, I may even consider going a tiny bit lighter even...maybe 70ish. I do love the LCI tails but I still like these tails too. Did you tint the bumper reflectors too or black them out? I can't tell from the pics. I think the brightness of the red becomes instantly noticeable for me every time I'm parked next to my wife's car. (I'm still riding around with that stupid CA paper window registration permit. They're taking forever to get my paperwork in for my real plates )
I'm a bad influence! I here you on women not noticing anything car related. Sometimes it's good for something like spending foolish money on lights, and sometimes it's frustrating when you get an entire new car and they say "it looks the same as your other one".
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