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Originally Posted by runbuh View Post
Can you share what you coded to get the rear fogs working (exactly)? I have the front/rear fogs-capable switch arriving next week.

If Almaretto already knows, then don't worry. When he gets back online, I'll be asking him to code my car. (no - I don't expect you to be able to read his mind, but I'm not sure if he has shared what he knows/doesn't know).
So unlike the F-Series where you could enable the rear fogs with a few codes, the only way I found to enable them on the G-Series is to modify your FA so that E-Sys will code the BDC_Body module as a ECE version. This will not have any negative effect on the other functions, but will change the light pattern on the taillights, thereby enabling the rear fog lights. You would most likely need to change a few FDL codes back to US settings, but it wasn’t too challenging.