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It was $400m of their money that we froze in our banks, in the late 1970's. They held (and abused) 150 Americans for 1.5 years, and trashed/confiscated our embassy. For that, I would consider the $400M our money - as compensation for the embassy, and each hostage should have received $1-3M.

Instead, Obama gave them the $4M, plus interest since the 1970's. He also paid them in small denomination foreign currency - which is a clear violation of numerous laws.

Never forget the Iranian hostage-taking either, nor Obama's criminal idiocy.

I agree with you about Saudi and UAE. We don't, however, need their oil - we have plenty of our own, except the environmental lobby has stupidly blocked its drilling.
If that's the case then how much would we owe them for overthrowing their government? The US has and continues to do some very illegal things and there is never an excuse for it regardless of leadership. But to steal that money would do us no good. We can go on all day about this, but the fact is it was their money and used as leverage for the nuclear deal. Something that is actually good

We only receive a fraction of our oil supply but their ability to drastically affect the price of oil is their source of power. The US will be fine with their cuts in oil, but our European allies won't.

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Right now this is living history at it's best. Right now is the time to think what led to us to this path, and how to move forward. How will our kids see our actions?
Hopefully by the time my generation starts trickling into higher leadership positions, hopefully not hypocrites and morons. But I'm sure we will be. Humans are too irrational
I don't recall that we "overthrew their government?" What?

The nuclear deal was an absolute sham for the US - Obama gave it away, to a terrorist nation, of all things.

Let's hope your generation won't elect morons. But in all honesty, they're not off to a good start - lol
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