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Originally Posted by bbbbmw View Post
I don't recall that we "overthrew their government?" What?

The nuclear deal was an absolute sham for the US - Obama gave it away, to a terrorist nation, of all things.

Let's hope your generation won't elect morons. But in all honesty, they're not off to a good start - lol
1953 assisted coup, which led to the Iran we know today

How is it a sham?
In terms of long term strategy, removing sanctions and opening access to the western worlds ways will lead to an improved economy and more liberal influences. To continue to closing Iranian citizens off from the world plays into the hands of the Republican Guard and hard line clerics. If you haven't been following Iranian politics they've democratically elected a leader who has been pushing very hard to liberalize the country, with his main obstacles being the clerics and military.

And by judging history, do you think continued sanctions will lead to a denuclearized state? The opposite consistently happens over and over again while the government becomes more violent and unpredictable.

And yes, they support terrorists. But so does every country in the world, especially the US. The kettle calling the pot black