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Originally Posted by bbbbmw View Post
Your link needs a subscription. But IIRC, the "coup" was a failure, and the role of the US was to prevent communist takeover (which happened). Also, the Iranian religious leaders wanted him out most of all, and he cancelled parliamentary elections when his popularity tanked.

It's a sham because:

1. Giving them money, with interest, to a terrorist sponsoring nation is a sham,

2. We owed them nothing,

3. We have no role in the nuclear inspections or sanctions - they can still do as they please.

Not sure why you think America supports terrorism?
You should be able to x out the subscription popup. The CIA declassified a thousand pages worth of documents explaining what they did and why it was done. Yes you are correct that there was an attempt to install communism, however ideology was and is a tool to cover true intentions(Pick a war, ideology is to gain public support). The intention for this case being the prevention of the oil nationalization which previously happened in Saudi Arabia. Again info directly from the CIA.

I don't know I can get it through to you that that money was being held in a specific account for decades. That money was meant to buy weapons from the US, then relations soured more. If we kept that money, we would be thieves. Do you morally condone theft? As the leader of the world, that would be look.

The Iranians are going to do as they please, period. As does any soveriegn nation. Do you expect them just to give up? You're living in a fairy tale if you think so. At least with this you can bring them to the table and get something you want. Do we really wan't more countries acting like North Korea. It boggles my mind that we Americans expect to have everything our way. You have to give something to get. We can't fight the whole world

The US has supported terrorists for a long time. Go back in history to central and south America. Or in Syria. We're purposefully flooding Syria with Russian weapons which are falling into the hands of Al Qaeda variants. From our actions, I honestly think we are trying to make this situation into another 1980s Afghanistan for Russia. Oh yeah, we support Saudi Arabia.

I love this country, but we are by no means saints. And the majority off problems we have are becuase of our own actions

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