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Originally Posted by jgoens View Post
I don't think that is necessarily true--what we have is a generation of adults now who were not really here when it happened. Those of us who were adults at the time will never forget. It is kind of like Pearl Harbor--most of us only know about it from pictures and history books so it does not seem as real. Of course as time goes by any event becomes a more distant memory.
Doesn't help either that we have a generation of adults who are selfish and care only of themselves. A generation where everything is expected to be handed to them with minimal effort put in. Its a soft and easily impressionable generation. How do I know this? Because I train this generation in preparation of future wars and I am sadly disappointed with what I see. A generation that has no regard for morals, ethics, or values. Our nation is in a lot of trouble.

I know why I stand for the flag. I know why every year I have a moment of silence. I know what I fought for in Iraq and Afghanistan, I just hope the American people do not forget or diminish the importance of this day. and ultimately, I hope we as a nation do not get so complacent that history repeats itself as we focus on tearing ourselves apart trying to overthrow our own government.
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