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Originally Posted by OlBloo View Post
Call it what you want.....

The Pentagon has spent over 2 billion dollars in arming rebel fighters. And just like during the war in Iraq, we have no accountabilty, therefore allowing the same weapons to be used against American Soldiers in future battles and wars

Even the Trump administration has acknowledged that the Iranians are complying with the deal and have recertified it!

Most badass? Fuck yeah!
Saintly? Lolololollo o lollolooloolo
Na brah.
And I'm not saying we even need to be saints. Just smarter about looking into the effects of our actions

This took a 180 degree turn lol

Curious - how many times have you been to Iran?

I spent many of my younger years working for the U.S. Government overseas in many countries that are not exactly known as quality vacation spots.

I can tell you, from personal experience, that many of your comments in this thread are either (a) misguided or (b) downright wrong.

Don't trust everything you read and you should really research and understand more about the United States, Iran, and other countries that harbor and support terrorism around the world before making some of the statements you have.

Trust me - from direct experience - most of what you have said is incorrect.

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