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Originally Posted by rjd598 View Post
This is the actual correct answer in this thread. Sonax is not meant to be used every're killing yourself and your wallet. It is only meant to be used on wheels with baked on brake dust. If you ceramic coat your wheels all you need is soap and water hence why you went through the full process to coat them in the first place.

If you want more cleaning power go with something economical and proven for your maintenance washes like P&S Brake Buster, which can be diluted to be very easy on your wallet.
+1 here.

I have not ceramic coated my wheels, and even still I don't need to use wheel cleaner every time. I couldn't get over Sonax's smell, so I use Meg's Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner instead. But I only use it every 2nd or 3rd wash, depending on how much/hard I've driven the car in between washes (and I wash once or twice a month, depending on how much I've been driving and how nasty the weather is).

A year into ownership and this seems to be working for me. I do need to get some better wheel brushes.