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martin mustang

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If you looking for raw classic experience the 964 for sure, the 8 series is to modern and complex, on the cost elements currently the expectations are that they subject to drop in price that is the 964, but not sure this will happen as they being consumed by the like of Singer and others in converting them to earlier 911 looks and all, and it is the 911 model with the shortest life spam before being replaced with 993, so produced in low numbers compare to others.
If you can afford both of them, as in investment I believe the 964 will be worth more purely down to the simplicity and reliability and of course the badge and air cooled old tech no longer around. I keep the 8 series as it is also an appreciating asset providing it is running fine as I believe they tend to demand a lot of work and complexity make them expensive to maintain, all be it probably the same as a Porsche.

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