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Originally Posted by adc100 View Post
I worked in a nuke facility where many of my friends were on boomers and fast attacks. I would not bet the farm on the fact that that we don't have a fast attack on every one of their boomers. Having said that they will get off a couple birds..but its the end of the world anyways.

You can tell I am a fan of subs. Rickover was a God.
I would bet the farm on it. I actually lived it and spent my time in the fleet on an ASW ships tracking their missile boats almost exclusively. Rest assured or in this case not so assured, we didnít or donít to this day have our attack boats on all of them nor do we have Destroyers or at the time our Frigates on all of them either. The deadly cat and mouse game we play with them isnít all one sided as much as we would like.
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