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Originally Posted by roxxor View Post
Other than figuring out some of the differences in the iDrive 7 system (especially with trying to add a second driver profile for my wife), I don't really have any complaints about it at all. It has already proven to be great for me when it comes to mileage, as I just averaged 34.5 mpg on a 320-ish mile trip, and as far as the luxury, it has definitely been a step up from my X3.

About the only criticism I have, if you can even call it one, has to do with getting differing results on my daily drive. My route to and from work are exactly the same, and I keep the same conditions, Max eDrive, 75-mph via cruise control, climate set at very low level since I use the climatize function before departing. On my way to work, I can get to about 2-3 miles out from my destination, and the battery runs out and ICE kicks in. On the way home from work, it will make it the entire way without needing the ICE. The only thing I can think of is that mornings have been in the mid-50's, and afternoons are 70's-80's, and that is causing the lower range on the morning drive.
You could try ECO Pro and see if that makes any difference. In a CC situation it will really just modulate temps to extend the range a bit. If you're using the seat heater you'll get a bit more range and ECO Pro will soften the Climate Control settings a bit. I haven't noticed any decrease in cabin comfort.