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so crazy new addiction of mine but ever since moving into our new house 2 years ago I've been learning everything about lawns and chit! got the Husquvarna riding mower and I love it now i'm learning about striping so I couldn't believe these companies want $400+ for striping kits and once I found out how it's made and what it's comprised of i'm building my own for about $120

Here's what a striping kit for those who don't know or care lol

here's the wheels I ordered $6 each (need 11)

and than just a bunch of Super Struts and hardware and's what I should end up with

and for the Bio Stimulants Craze I've been seeing a lot lately on YouTube and forums i picked up these 2 2.5 gallons Humic 12 and RGS from "The Lawn Care Nut" Allyn Hayne

I know...I know...I must be getting old if chit like this is what i'm looking forward to the Weekends
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