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Originally Posted by NEfan508 View Post
Beach towns in Maine do not allow franchises (owner occupied only) nice to see in a world with Starbucks, Walmart's and Ruby Tuesday's every intersection

yes the water is cold, yes the women are ugly and it's a bitch to drive so far but @ 36 I like the peace of these beaches more than the tourist spots

Literally restaurant owners pull up in their trucks with trays of fresh fish on ice, putting on what's best on the menu

My parents took me here as a boy, I hated it, where's the bikini girls?!?!? Only shorts and hoodies on dikes with mustaches lol hairy armpits (thanks Montreal ladies driving down) but in my 30's I came full circle, I'm taking my kids here for the peace
When I lived in Connecticut I really enjoyed going to those Northern New England beach towns. Itís a totally different vibe and experience. I miss it at times. But we have plenty of untouched beach here on the Gulf Coast of Florida. You can get that secluded isolated feel if you want.

The wifeys sister lives in Hollywood, Iím familiar. Those beaches just arenít the same on the East coast of Florida. To much development. Enjoyable in their own way.

I wonít lie, the scenery of beautiful chicks in skimpy Bikinis is a plus! Pretty much anywhere in Florida.