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Originally Posted by CTinline-six View Post
Agreed, but the problem is you know that would never happen the way we want it to. Just like speed limits. The speed limit is 65 on most highways around here even though some drivers may have the skill to drive much faster safely. The same rules that apply to the 16 year old with a 2 week old license who is texting and driving doing 40mph in the fast lane have to apply to the guy with race track experience and driving certifications. The question would become why do some people get to drive and others don't? Most of the idiots on the road don't believe they suck at driving.

We also know that the lobbyists for the big three would never allow it to happen. Isn't that how we moved away from things like trolleys and trains early on?
If i reform the law it would be recommanded speed and if someone choose to go above it fine but if they cause or are in an accident and found guilty for causing it their lincese will be suspended for every mile above the recommended limit.

Same will apply for anyone 10 miles below it that way the law actually removes the bad drivers instead of being a tax revenue generation foe the state and leaving us with all theses awful drivers.