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Originally Posted by DocL View Post
There was a report that the Dems may also try to get VP Pence to step down or impeach him. This will get Pelosi into the White House as POTUS. She has to go, but it should be by resignation.
They bitch, complain, and try to overthrow everything now. It started with Dubya in 2000 when they tried to steal the election from him in Florida. The tried to steal it from Trump in 2016 due to Hoax 1.0 and the Russians, when that failed they've moved onto Hoax 2.0 which is somehow even a bigger joke. They made up a clear lie about Brett Kavanaugh to try and stop him from getting on the SC (never mind what they tried to do to Clarence Thomas). They STILL haven't given up on that, Pocahontas and others are saying they aren't going to let it go and might re-open the "investigation" (lol). I guess they'll find another pathological liar to come up with something that never happened 40 years ago with no corroborating witnesses.

Trump and his people are doing exactly the right thing. Flip 'em the middle finger, you want the docs/interviews etc.? Then have a vote on impeachment, quit this BS where all they're doing is pandering to their lunatic fringe base and neocon losers like Romney.

It's pathetic, bunch of loser ass babies.