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Originally Posted by magbarn View Post
So I've called several online places like bavauto/ecstuning that sell the G30 spare tire "kit". The $600 or kits only come with the compact spare tire, the styrofoam(or whatever material) holder that goes inside the tire that holds the scissor jack/wrench/wheel chock, a strap/cover for the spare tire.
In other words, it'll look like my E90 trunk did with the spare tire being held by straps, looking like a car from the 70's...
They don't include the nice compartment that holds the spare tire and the compartment with the 2 partitions that are in front of the tire when you're looking at it from the rear. Those two parts alone are over $300. So in reality, the $150 BMW charges it as a factory option is really about over $1000 if you're paying full retail or about $900 through getbmwparts. Basically highway robbery.

So for those who only paid $150 for your kits, turn around and sell it for $600 when you decide to get rid of your cars or realize you made a $850 deal!
You can get the BMW OEM spare tire kit for about $800 online. All of the parts you mentioned are included. All genuine BMW parts.
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