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New fitness tracker needed, recommendations please

So my good Gear Fit 2 watch starts quitting its duty after few years in service, the battery lasts under full required actions less than 20 hours and thats much too less.
Considering battery exchange and replacement but this will cost me around 70 bucks and maybe cheaper to buy new, on the flipside its maybe time for something other.

What I need:
Tracking of HB, BP, steps, baro, stop watch, time, coloured display, recognition of workout, BT, WLAN on desire, internal MP3 player, be able to work stand alone w/o cell phone.

What I don't need:
No feeds, texts, weather, GPS, social media crap, NFC pay and NO Apple sh*t.

Price ceiling no more than 250,- bucks.
Your suggestions please, thank you in advance.
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