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Originally Posted by UncleWede View Post
Fitbit Ionic
Definitely into range, my company offers benefits for this brand and the lowered price is slight below limit. I was first looking for Versa 2, but was not too convinced.


- I read that battery lasts up to 4 days (depends onto your usage) but with GPS enabled only up to 10 hours. Whats your average duration, lets say with BT and music partly on?

- Its watertight up to 50m, that means you haven't to remove the watch for going under shower?

- Displaying workouts, heartbeattrends and so on; graphic or just scaled per day?

- Do you own the previous model or Ionic 2?

Originally Posted by JP10 View Post
Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music
Thank you for your offer, here goes:

- List says battery time 7 days under smartwatch mode und just 4 hours with GPS and music? That seems quite poor for this watch. Im sure you could offer better experience, no?

- Connect IQ shop: Access free or do I have to abo or pay else for it?

- Pre installed apps: If I won't use them and do just a long work out into the gym, does the watch count and display not pre-selected values though?

I had looked first for the Garmin Forerunner 645 music but read several very critic comments and so I went off this brand. You're right, the watch offers very much gadgets, more as I'd asked.

Will get hands on both this weekend, thank you.
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