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Originally Posted by Dang3r View Post
Definitely into range, my company offers benefits for this brand and the lowered price is slight below limit. I was first looking for Versa 2, but was not too convinced.


- I read that battery lasts up to 4 days (depends onto your usage) but with GPS enabled only up to 10 hours. Whats your average duration, lets say with BT and music partly on?
BT is always on, so I can get updates from ESPN and/or my text messages. I only enable GPS when I run. I typically charge about once a week, and for maybe 1 hour. I honestly don't know how often I charge. I did Wednesday night after work, and right now I'm at 84%.
- Its watertight up to 50m, that means you haven't to remove the watch for going under shower?
I can swim laps, GPS enabled, and it's pretty close to telling me how many I swam. At the end typically the last lap counts as I step out of the pool. THAT was why I went Ionic.

- Displaying workouts, heartbeattrends and so on; graphic or just scaled per day?
There are SO many face choices. From the app, you scroll thru, pick the one you like, then sync the watch and that's what you have. I can do graphs of my exercise, sleep "scores" (although I don't know exactly how that is calculated) and time in each of the sleep stages.

- Do you own the previous model or Ionic 2?
I've had this 3 years on Father's day. The first one failed one night when I was going from jacuzzi to unheated pool. Just flat-out stopped working. After about 10 minutes on the phone troubleshooting, and they sent me a new one.
I noticed previously you asked about barometer? Sorry, don't see that as an option.