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That buffeting around 14:30 is truly awful. As someone who loves to drive with the windows down and an open sunroof at least for half the year, that is one huge deal-breaker.
I wonder what if you just tilt the sunroof, usually it's pretty good (don't know about Supra specifically, but at least with my 540, tilting sunroof is pretty good, open sunroof will get loud pretty quickly though).

I never really roll the window down, so can't comment much, wonder if open both passenger and driver side would be better or worse than just open driver side
I don't think the Supra has a sunroof, but not sure. If you don't put the windows down, it won't be a problem, but if you're like me, putting the windows down for close to half a year, its a dealbreaker
Do you currently have a coupe without rear windows that open? I've had a number of them and they all have pretty serious buffeting. Even convertibles tend to be bad with the windows down and roof up. One reason some have a back window that also opens.