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Drives: BMW 530e
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I ordered my 530e built as well and I went with the mocha nappa leather. Way, way, way better than the Dakota. Did you add the leather dash? I think it finishes off the interior.

Mine is now 20 months old and other than the small storage compartment under the light switch not always staying closed (I have emailed by CA telling her that it happened and I will want it addressed when I next come in, which looks like in 4 months for my one year service) the car has been rock solid. If the storage compartment is the only problem after 20 months, I am happy.

I predict you will enjoy your new car. While I would always want more power (I did grow up watching "Home Improvement"), the car does have ample power to pull away from a street light and to pass cars on a road with a 75 mph speed limit.

I do a lot of local driving, and I have a 240 volt charger in my garage so I am able to charge during the day after trips. Given that, I have been getting between 700 and 1,000 miles on a tank of gasoline (12.4 gallon tank). I don't particularly care about mpg but I bought the phev because I do care about the environment. I also like to drive in a spirited manner so my compromise is the max EV for local driving and full out power for country roads and highways.