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Originally Posted by HotSoss View Post
I decided to save the $200 the dealer wanted to replace the cabin air filters on my M550i (which BMW makes amazingly more difficult to change than other makes I own).. But in making the switch, I pulled the old ones out without noting the airflow direction, and I can't find arrows on the vehicle or online denoting the direction. I did read that in general, the airflow goes from the engine bay into the car, which would make sense, but I have no confirmation that's the case in my vehicle, or if the airflow direction is changed with the duct configuration. A few youtube videos suggest that the arrow should point to the FRONT of the car (seeming backwards to me?) Any ideas?
Hi, this information can be found in BMW ISTA, or on the newtis website.

Please see the following link for replacing your microfilters (cabin filters) on the site: