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Originally Posted by CLABRO View Post
My 5 series is being delivered today with Mocha Nappa so I'm glad I saw this thread.

I was looking on Amazon the other day for detailing stuff and came across this leather cleaner and conditioner from Chemical Guys. I spent about an hour researching it and comparing it to other products with good reviews and this was the one I decided on myself.

Surprised no one has mentioned this yet, but besides leather care, having a good tint on your car is paramount as well as parking in a garage helps to avoid any extreme temperatures as well as direct sun rays from beaming into your car. Those two things are very important to keeping leather healthy. Think about your sofa or sectional in your home. It's always a consistent temperature in your home and the sectional doesn't have sun rays beaming on it, and if it's like ours, it still looks great 10+ years later without ever using any leather cleaner or conditioner on it. And I could argue it's been used much much more. I know our cars are cars and will experience harsh conditions, but I'm just saying to limit the exposure when you can (i.e. park your car in your garage when you can or do yourself a favor and have tint installed, even a sun blocker on your windshield would look hideous, but at least you won't have the suns rays penetrating your Nappa niceness.

Only thing I don't like about that conditioner is that it makes the leather shiny and clean looking which I like but after a few days of driving it comes right up. My driver side seat where my body is you can tell because those spots are gone and where i rest my arm on the center console u can see where my arm been sitting cuz the conditioner is gone from that spot as well.