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The architecture of the convertible further supports our theory that the C8 Z06 and C8.R race car will have a flat-plane-crank twin-turbo V-8. Combined with the "Balance of Power" advantage that turbocharged vehicles have had at Le Mans, the tight vertical packaging of a future Z06 convertible makes a twin-turbo Z06 a no-brainer for Chevrolet.
The youtube clip of the C8.R sounds very close to the typical European FPC V8. It has the high picth whaling that is not like the C7.R deep rumbling sound.

More like the Ferrari 458 GTE race car

The C8.R has a slightly deeper tone vs. the 458 more high pitche and almost like the 488. Maybe because both the 488 and C8.R are turbo.

Out of all three, I like the 458 the best.

Some say it might be a V6 TT but it does not sound like the Ford GT. The C8.R has a much more aggressive sound compared to the more wimpy sounding Ford GT.

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