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Manual Speed Limiter

Apologies if this is in wrong forum

I have a 530e on order so I am going through though the manual (Drivers Guide is excellent). Previously I have had 6 Mercedes and one of the things they have got right is the speed limiter - you just set it using a stalk - really useful in say an average speed check area.

Looking at the manual for a 530e there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to switch a speed limiter on or off or set a particular speed (in situations where the traffic sign assist has missed a speed limit like in roadworks). With Driving Assistance It looks like you have to go way into iDrive 7 menus and set the car to stay within speed limits but then have to go back in to turn it off. If that is the only way to set a limit on speed, can it be added to one of the favourite buttons ?

i took a look at at a 7 Series and that has a ‘limit’ button on the steering wheel and does exactly what I am used to - I can’t see why BMW have decided the G30 doesn’t need it.