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Originally Posted by csu87 View Post
What did You do for your recovery?

I'll check that out Irishsig
Intitialy rest - no workouts - could hardly walk.
Made an effort to lose weight, aimed for getting my stomach flat by eating clean and no excess calories - I think that was a very important factor, excess weight worsened things and may have been the cause. Also no medications.
When the sharp pains subsided started working out.

Things I didn't do:
Downward dog stretch or Cobra
Leg Press
Cable wide grip pull down
No stomach crunches

Things I did:
Walking ( could not run, impact hurt )
Hanging narrow grip from pull-up bar, as much as I could.
Standing calf raises
Standing on one leg - lift other leg to chest
Probably best exercise was lying on your back on the floor and bend your knees to 90-degree angle resting heels on a chair.

Three weeks to a month I was fine.