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Originally Posted by WestRace View Post
One cannot claim to know movies unless one has seen Dr. Strange Love.
I can't relate to your comment as I have not seen it, but this is to also say that someone can not be intelligent just because they have not read War and Peace.

I only watch super hero movies so that I can discuss how terrible they are and make fun of my friends who watch every single one of them and know the entire back story of every single character. I get that everyone is different and my opinion of super hero movies wins me no fans but they are extremely predictable, over done and show exactly how far hollywood goes to produce films just to fill seats at the theater rather than to come up with something original.

Super hero films are no different than playing on the playground when you are a child and the other kid you play with always seems to have an "invisible shield" and can't be hurt but yet they always expect you to fall down and die. Put this mentality in film form and you have EVERY....SINGLE....super hero movie ever made.