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Originally Posted by irishbimmer View Post
The sweeping and systematic Russian interference is a threat to our political system. They infiltrated state voting infrastructures and our internet, which is where it seems most people seem to get their information nowadays. A mere 60,000 votes in 3 states determined the outcome for President Trump in the Electoral College.

Yeah, I do believe Russian interference impacted the election, and some other foreign power could do the same except next time, the shoe could be on the other foot and your candidate could lose.That is why we have to take strong measures against this from happening again.
Eh? I must have missed that one.

I sincerely hope your patriotism regarding 'never happens again' is active when the Horowitz, Barr and Durham reports come out.
If any or all show malfeasance within our government, I expect you to applaud the due diligence that went into the exposing of it.
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