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Originally Posted by ScottyRyan2019 View Post
At this point in time, I am not sure it could be proven either way. However, given time to study it enough and if they could drill down exactly who was targeted in what manner I think they could figure it out to some extent.

However, I don't really think that is the point. No outside government should be trying to influence our elections in the manner that Russia did leading up to the 2016 election no matter who the candidate is. And I think the Federal government (read that the Senate) sitting on their ass doing basically nothing about it is a big problem. Trump refuses to even acknowledge the problem because his fragile ego thinks he would be some kind of illegitimate president if he did.

But as a side note and somewhat related. I grew up through the 60's, 70's, and 80's where there was a very distinct possibility that we would go to war with Russia and that is all you ever heard about. We even had drills in school over it. Russia has never been our friend even to this day and no matter what Trump says, Putin is an evil person. I have very strong feelings about candidates doing business with Russia and lying about it. Trump lied through his teeth during the campaign about this time and again.

So I will tell you one vote that was without a doubt effected by Trump's shady dealings with Russia during campaign...mine. I would have never voted for Trump had I known this.
And now you will get to vote for a virtue signaling, illegal loving, man hating, white hating, pos to prove a point and cause more damage good plan.