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Originally Posted by detroitm2 View Post
Sure, but there is a security certificate. It just doesn't include the SAN for

If someone managed to gain access to the servers hosting this site, and wanted to leach all the password/PII data from it, they wouldn't need weeks to do it, and they could certainly do it without slowing down the site.

Theres no need to spread FUD on what amounts to (probably) a simple capacity issue.

you should always be careful with your personal information. Theres plenty of information (both right and wrong) about how to safeguard yourself. Probably the biggest lesson everyone learns too late is, never use the same password twice.
Yep, we don't know what happened and may never. I am simply stating the fact pattern as seen on several other car forum sites when they were hacked. They ALL had the exact pattern I described and so far this site is on track with as well. Usually when a site is going to update their hardware and take the site down, they plan that and announce it ahead of time.