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Originally Posted by OG Shark View Post
Fun weekend - always a blast being out there to watch the race. Weather was perfect & the overall production of the whole weekend improves each year. Now they have just got to figure out how to deal with the bumps - they are getting bad & it seems like the pace of the degradation is accelerating. The main culprits are at 2, between 9 & 10, & 18 apex. They have adjusted for the one at 18 but you cannot avoid the other two. Could see little bits falling off a few cars from the 9 to 10 bump. The back straight has a couple as well but at this point are more just uncomfortable than potential safety issues.

The final blow for Vettel looks like it was from the bump between 9 & 10. It looks like that was being set up though by his penchant for turtle hunting up to that point (I prefer the moniker turtle over sausage curb, sounds more pleasant). Dude was wearing out the turtles through the "S"s & was regularly smacking the one at 16 as well. The last bounce from the bump was just the final blow combined with a slow death by turtle up to that point.

I would not argue against Vettel purposefully tagging the turtles as often as possible per team orders... Once they figured out that they no longer had the power they used to after they had to stop cheating - it appears they needed to come up with something quick as an excuse to cover their tracks. Hmmm, suspension failure? Perfect - send it!

Remember this at COTA, always this...

Dude what are you even talking about??? Are you seriously suggesting they made him break the suspension on purpose??? Cover the tracks? Lol you guys are funny 😂