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Drives: F10 535xi Triple Black
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Specs look great too:

First Launch Edition: 270mi EPA range, ~5.5s 0-60, AWD, $52k after tax-rebate. This is squarely aimed at the AWD LR Model Y, which as 280mi EPA range, 4.8s 0-60, AWD, $50k tax-rebate. Slightly worse specs but it also seem to come with special upgraded interior/exterior trim, and the interior quality does look more upscale.

California Route 1 Trim: 300mi EPA range, ~6.5s 0-60, AWD, $45k after tax-rebate. This is even much better value than the LR RWD Model Y at $48k (the Model Y is 1s faster 0-60, but only RWD vs. Ford's AWD).

Select trim: 230mi EPA range, ~5.5s 0-60, RWD/AWD, $36k after tax-rebate, this undercuts any announced Model Y model and would be a great second car/first EV for many families.

Performance GT trim: 235 EPA range, 3.5s 0-60, AWD, $53k post tax-rebate. 45mi shorter range than the Performance Model Y but also $8k cheaper.