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Originally Posted by Dang3r View Post
But the most disadvantage is the unusability at other parts at my body, starting into my pits, caused by the comb and cutter design, its impossible to reach all hairs into the pit, you can't turn your pit into a flawless plain area.
Same at chestparts and so on.
You may consider my words, when you're gonna buy exactly this machine. Maybe its fitting better for you, but I will definitely looking for another one.
Do you know what a "hair clipper" is? Or that "hair" (singular) means either just one of all of them on the head, specifically? Your report does seem missing an attempt to use it in your nose!

There are other hair cutting tools for other then the "top" of the head parts of the body (including nose/ears, moustache/beard separately from the hair). Once it's Philips you chose, here you are (their range):

And yes, a Philips hair clipper (a simpler model, same design) does fail to follow the head shape any nicely, "expecting" it to be perfectly round, at least, if not just flat. Yet other manufacturers' (I haven't tried yet) look quite the same in appearance.